Silver Surfer Going HARD!!!

Now that the wave is free flowing in another direction, Max B aka Silver Surfer is going hard. He getting at Jim Jones, calling himself the Jim Jones killer and saying F*ck Kay Slay. Haters beware Max B is lurking. You can also hear more about the situation in the post below, Max B and a slew of other rappers were at Power 105FM earlier tonight (he was even wavy when Papoose came in the booth). Awwwwwww Damn!!!!

50 Cent On Power 105 FM 2/28

King 50

So 50 decided to take over the airwaves today at Power 105 New York. Sucks that I don’t have a radio at my office. But my homie Two-Times held me down with the linkage. Guests include Cheri Dennis, Remy Ma, Papoose, and Max B.!!!!

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Rock of Heltah Skeltah – Doin’ Time 101

As funny as he describes it to be, I’m still good!

Mr. Ortiz Has Been Working

If you have been asking yourself what happened to Joell Ortiz, well ask no more. We’ve got 2 tracks for your listening pleasure. Partake!
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Unreleased Stack Bundles

Even though Stack Bundles has been deceased for some time, his music still lives on and there has been unreleased tracks popping up here and there. If you are a Stack Bundles fan, here is another one. Partake, Squad up!!!
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Busta Rhymes Mixtape Trailer

Here’s a trailer to Busta’s new mixtape with Superstar Jay. HE goes on to say he’s outshine your favorite rapper. Well he might have out shined yours because mines Jay-Z.

“Broken Language 2008″ Method Man & Redman

Method Man & Redman

Glad to see the dynamic duo of Hip Hop back at it with a claasic beat. The homie Meth and Red going over the Broken Language beat…vicious.

Big Props to the Homie Shake

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Behind the Scenes at the Roots “75 Bars” Shoot

Peep my dude Seth playing the cop Reservoir Dogs style, hot fyah.

Daily B.S. 2/28/08

You’ve seen the NBC show To Catch A Predator on TV. Now Hatian V takes a crack at confronting pervs in the hood. Here is bonus one also. And now folks the nuwz.

Diddy’s court date for allegedly snuffing dude will begin soon.

Jeezy grants a disabled child the wish of hanging with him for a day.

Jae Millz signs to Lil’ Wayne’s Young Money imprint. Can someone say new ghost writer.

No one can tell me this is not a womans bag.

T.I. was allegedly offered a 15 year plea deal….damn.

I didn’t post this and I’m not sure why but I’ll link to it cause Yeezy spit a quick hot 16.

S.Mathis would love to read this new poll about 50 Cent

Peep the video for Rick Ross’ Street Money video featuring Flo-Rida over at Smartenupnas

Double Rick Ross Dosage


More Ricky Ross for your ear drums. I know I know, but dudes production is what always gets him the pass with me. Here are two tracks for you to download and judge for yourselves. One features Lil’ Wayne and the other features Hovito. This dude has both Carters on his album, you’d think he was that nucca. Trilla in stores March 11th.

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