Video: “Good To Me” G-Unit

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Joe Budden For Format Mag.


Jump off sat down with Format magazine to talk music and the current state and climate change of Hip Hop. Here’s a quote about being unsigned as to being on a major.

At the end of my stay on Def Jam it was almost the same as being unsigned, so I mean there’s really been no change in my lifestyle. Every day I’m in the studio. When a show comes I do it, any time an opportunity comes I try to take advantage of them, but I’m just recording constantly that’s pretty much my life on a day to day basis.

Video: “Till I Retire / Best Believe”
Pete Rock Feat. Redman

New Choco Boy Wonder video directed by Rik Cordero from that New York’s Finest album.

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“Again” Hiroller Feat. Dirty Den & Analyze


It’s Wednesday again and it only makes sense we get a track from Hiroller called Again. Bonus track inside post.

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Video: “Pop Like Me” Hussein Fatal