Jimmy Iovine Talks Music Industry 3.0

Very interesting interview with Jimmy Iovine talking about the changes in the music industry. If you’re an aspiring artist I say it’s definitely worth a listen.

One Response to “Jimmy Iovine Talks Music Industry 3.0”

  1. B-Meezy Says:
    February 20th, 2008 at 9:04 pm

    Service??? Dude, your wayyyy late on that one. Wake up folks!! This dude is sellin you shit and callin it ice cream. Maybe you could treat the consumer like he or she is serviceable FIRST! or wait heres a better idea….how about treating the artists like they actually exist in the first place. the 360 model of the music industry is this. What goes around comes around. This industry has probably done more to exploit and subjugate than most corporate industries you may be aware of. Dont listen to this cat cause he’s already reeped the benefits.Nothing he’s saying really matters cause best believe he’s got way more kids of his goin to college than you. IF you wanna make a move in the industry, do it yourself!! Put it out, distribute, promote and market yourself! Otherwise this dude gets to rape you while you wait…..

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