Uncle Murda For ThisIs50.com

Uncle Murda sat with ThisIs50 to chat about his recent close call with the maker.

Inside Mobb Deeps Studio

Hav takes you inside Mobb’s gritty recording studio where the hits of the Queens dynamic duo were created. He plays a few beats and even kicks a freestyle in the vid.

NaS On The Grammys Red Carpet

NaS on the red carpet with CNN speaking about the new album Nigger. Gotta love the part where NaS says to the corespondent that we’ve all been Niggers at some point and she was confused. Props to Kelis for grabbing the mic and G-checking shorty about John Lennon using the “N” word for music.

The Real Does V Day

When you don’t know what to say, just keep it Real!

NaS “Nigger” Album Parody Commercial

Street Kings Movie Trailer

Common and Game lend a hand in this movie. Hopefully game would be out from his 60 days jail time to go to the opening night of the movie. Read inside to get the story about the movie as well as see the other stars in the movie.

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Kanye West: Stronger / Hey Mama (Grammy Style)

Kanye ripped down the Grammys, it was probably the best performance. But at the same it was the Grammys and it was boring. The whole time we watched the show on mute. ‘Ye had MAMA cut in the back of his head, and the cut was sharp, his glow-in-the-dark or reflector shades and jacket was crazy too. Serious promotion for his Glow-In-The-Dark tour, so get ur tickets ready. Kanye G-Checks the Grammys after the jump.

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“The Grammy Song” Will.I.Am

Will.I.Am freaks his own lil medley at the Grammys. Dude really came up from the early Black Eyed Peas stuff.