Video: “Ching A Ling” Missy Elliot

Here’s the 2-D version of Missy’s new video. If you have 3-D glasses that version is inside post.

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Juelz Want’s To Know Why He Wasnt #1?

Ummm, can you come up with a list to answer Juelz.

Via My Smartenup Family

50 And Dinero For Vibe

Vibe 50 Dinero

50 Graces the new cover of Vibe with Bobby Dinero to promote there movie Righteous Kill in Vibes Hollywood issue. has the story for you to check out. Oh yea HeadbangeRR, 50′s Mixtape is hot.

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The Real Sticks It’s To Jermaine

Vote for Dame on Super Tuesday. Via The Real

Lil’ Wayne Performs “Gossip” Live

Live At The House Of Blues Via Smartenupnas

I Am Blind To You…


With that said, go home Patriots. More at Kommon Knowledge

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Burger King Gone Wrong

I need a whopper baby, don’t tease me man! C’mon!!!

Leak Of The Week:
“Return Of The Body Snatchers Vol. 1″ G-Unit

This Is 50

The Giants won, so you can say New York is winning! The new G-Unit mixtape has finally dropped and PMD has ur back. If you enjoyed the game, you are going to enjoy this mixtape.

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Larry King Trying To Freestyle

More footage from the Snoop Dogg interview on Larry King Live. Peep King trying to freestyle Sinatra’s “New York”.

Previously: Snoop Takes Larry To Roscoes

Leak Of The Week:
“We Got It For Cheap Vol. 3″ Re-Up Gang

Re-Up Gang

Yea mang, it’s finally here. The Re-Up Gang Vol. 3 has finally leaked we got it here for cheap. So cheap it’s free ninety nine.

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