Lil’ Kim On Street Sweeper Radio Pt. 1

How Did Rick Ross Get A Deal?

Boss, Ross, Toss, Floss, Cost…I’d like if you guys can tell me how this dude is signed to Def Jam. How did Jay-Z sign this dude. Listen to this freestyle and come up with 3 reason on how he got signed.

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Fresh Wars: Fashion & Music

Fresh Wars

I will be there, and I suggest you do the same.

“It’s Mickey” – Mickey Factz

Mickey Factz

New Mickey Factz track called It’s Mickey. Dude is on his grizzly for the ’08. More info on Mr. Factz over at GFCNY.

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“Queen Latifah’s A Dude” – Wendy Williams

Wendy Willams talks to SOHH about her new movie. The tears must be frustration and all that talk that she looks like a man. Wanna see what Ms. Latifah’s gonna say back.

Mr. Collipark On Why He Signed Souljah Boy

Collipark tells RealTalkNy why he signed Souljah Boy. Also, peep the new dance at the end I will be getting my fool on to this one in the club. Try to stop me and its someones champagne bottle over your head.

Wu-Tang Family Issues On “The Show”

Peep this clip from the movie “The Show”. As Method Man talksyou can see that some other members of the Wu didn’t feel Methods light. Its kinda clear Ghostface always wanted the number one spot. U-God tried to open his mouthed but got placed really quick. Maybe that’s who he was talking about in that Whoo Kid interview.

Wrong Sister…

Listen as this creep commentator talks about Venus’ booty, yes I said Venus and not Serena. If you really watch sports commentators say the funniest things. I could imagine what he would say about Venus’ enormous tennis balls behind her. Yes, CREEP!!!

“Rain” Razah

Def Jam’s new R&B artist Razah. This is the video for the single “Rain”. Looks like his new home is putting some money behind him. Brooklyn’s new R&B sensation?