A Day In The Life Of Natalie Portman

Not really but it made me laugh. Lil’ Kim and Nore would be proud (Not). Makes you think, do people really think this is all Hip Hop has to offer….

Torae’s Daily Conversation Inflowmercial

Taking it back to the days of buying those TIME/LIFE Cd’s. This is really funny. Props to Eskay

That’s Gangsta – Bun B. Feat. Sean Kingston

Bun B Cutty

Peep the first single off Bun’s upcoming sophomore solo project, II Trill. Not really a Sean Kingston fan but I’ll let it slide. Read the rest of this entry »

Jamie Hector Before He Became Marlo

Most of us wonder how Marlo just came through The Wire and Debo’d the town. Let’s just say he had help from a higher power. New York Mag has an article about up and coming director Seith Mann. The NYU student wrote and shot the short Five Deep Breaths which drew attention from Sundance and won Best Narrative Short at the Los Angeles and Chicago Film Festivals. The movie starred Jamie Hector and helped garner attention from Hollywood. Read the rest of this entry »

“You’re Not Hood”
Cuban Link Dissin’ Fat Joe, Khaled & Rick Ross

Cuban Link

Cuban Link tears into Fat Joe and his friend in Miami over Khaleds beat. You have officially been sonned. Doubt he’ll respond to this though. What’s Ross got to do, got to do with it.

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Re-Up Gang On MTV Mixtape Monday

That Re-Up Gang roster chilled with MTV’s Mixtape Monday to preview tracks of the new “We Got It For Cheap” Mixtape. Man listen, this mixtape is what I need to start my 08′. Peep what they did to Obies “Cry Now” track. And please Dukes pardon my lateness, had to watch the new episode of The Wire on OnDemand.

Bonus Interviews with Ab Liva & Sandman Inside Post
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Roids The New Rage In Hip Hop


Shiver me Timbaland, look whats going on in the world of entertainment. Allhiphop is reporting that the year long steroid probe of athletes has now trickle in to the wonderful world of music. According to the Times Union several celebs including Timbaland, 50 Cent, Tyler Perry and Mary J. Blige (?!?!?) names have been included in this investigation. More F*ckery at AHH.

Bun B On Street Sweeper Radio Pt. 2

More tough talk with Bun B and Kay Slay. Radio was not having fun.

U-God Sues Wu Music For Owed Bread Son!

Golden Arms

Looks like it’s more turmoil in the land of the Wu Tang Tang Tang. Sohh reports that the God is suing Wu Corp for $170,000. Looks like family aint family no more as Ghost would say. Read more at SOHH.

Video: “Push it 2 The Limit” Quan

NaS’ former protege Quan resurfaces with this video. Been a while since he’s been gone. Returning and shooting a video for someone elses beat aint the way to return.