Fat Joe On Rap City

Not that I’m hating on Fat Joe but he says he has had multiple number 1 records. When the f*ck was I in a coma, cause I dont remember that. Fat Joe goes in the booth after the jump.

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Video: “Get Down On The Ground” Gillie Da Kid

Kinda late with the video but I dig this track.

Styles P Doing Stand Up With Cipha?!?!

What!!!!! SP The Comedian…nah, here’s the Ghost at Ciphas comedy show at Comix.

Video: “Yahhh!” Souljah Boy Feat. A-Rab

Had to tell my son cut that bullsh*t off, Them aint videos nigga, that’s psychological warfare – Phonte

Estelle: American Boy Feat. Kanye West


I kept seeing her video on VH1 soul and now here is a new joint with the Louis Vuitton Don. I guess Mr. West is back on his grind, and I’m glad to see he is bouncing back. Estelle is straight out of the UK and signed to John Legend’s label Homeschool Records. Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry »

Angie Sits Down With Ice Cube

The Don Mega sits down with Angie to politic about his new albm and new movie. Two Cube posts in a day, PMD is moving.

Throwback Thursdays “Neva Go Back” Special Ed

All props due to Mike at AGM. He laced me with a ton of Throwbacks to last me though March. Brooklyn representer had to start it off with a native. Here’s Special Ed’s “Neva Go Back. Crazy, this joint was directed by Omar Epps. Good thing he stayed in front of the camera and not behind it.

Prodigy Talks To XXL

Prodigy For XXL

Prodigy speaks on his situation to XXL. He talks of the change he’s going to go through during his short trip. (Click Image For Video)

Ice Cube On Conan O’Brien

The West Coast King sat down with Conan to talk about romantic comedies. Sike, he’s there to promote his movie “First Sunday”.

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Lupe Fiasco On Tavis Smiley (Full)

Seems like Tavis Smiley is getting popular again with the Rappers. Here’s Lupe on his show talking how he sneaks difficult, social subject matter into his music. Part 2 Inside Post.

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