Chris Rock Talks Obama In 08′

Chris Rock brings his view on the whole election. I myself am still unsure about all candidates but one thing is for sure. I vote in all elections, even the small local ones. If you’re over 18 and not a registered voter you can click here for information on how to do so. That way if they fix the election again we can all pillage and plunder the streets!!!!

Prodigy Rap City Freestyle

Is it me or is everyone in love with the Flashing Lights beat. Here V.I.P lays a mini 16 with Q45.

Freedom To Facism Documentary

I won’t bog you down with tons of lines of “propaganda”. All I want you to do is take sometime to sit down and watch this documentary from beginning to end. We can discuss this in the comments section.

THE WIRE Catch Up: 4 Seasons In 4 Minutes

MY Big Homie HeadbangeRR put me on to this on HBO On Demand and I figured you’d like to catch up if you missed out on any part of HBO’s most under rated show.

Chad Busting The Souljah Boy Dance

The cooler N*E*R*D* (well in my opinions, and those are clearly like assholes) here at the BBC look book photoshoot took sometime to learn the dance that swept the nation.

Leak Of The Week: Rhymefest Man In The Mirror

Rhyme Fest and Jacko

Mark Ronson and Rhymefest team up to make one of the most creative mixtape I’ve heard in quite some time. It’s a tribute/mash-up/spoof album taken to another level. Kudos for creativity, lyrics and all. And please pardon my absence the new years been hella busy.

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On Set As Prodigy Shoots A Video

Prodigy shoots a video before he goes in. It’s another Dan The Man film noir if you will, illroots has the ill interview on him you can check out. Turns out V.I.P. got another 30 days on the streets read over at my dude with the hangover.

Video: Double Wood (Dissin’ D-Block) J-Hood

Claiming Blood, not sure if he is but it looks like it. It’s funny cause I thought he was making power moves when I saw a track featuring a J Hood. Turns out I was wrong it was someone else with the same name. You careers over homie. Enough!

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