Bobby Light: Dirty Girl Feat. Chunky Boyz

Rob & Big

When you have a little bit of money the world is your playground. And Bobby Light & The Chunky Boyz, oops I mean the cast from the MTV realty show Rob & Big prove it with this joint. Not only did they record the comedy but they also make a video, which is the worst. if you look closely you will see Big’s crazy ass Uncle Jerry, Meaty (pet dog, who can skateboard), the mini horse (that lives with them), T.K., and others. Check it out for yourself, video and track are inside the post. Read the rest of this entry »

If It Was All So Bey-Z

What happens when The Real Wedding Planner does Hip Hop’s royal couple nuptials. Shots at Lupe, I didn’t say it.

Ludacris On Saturday Night Live

Luda finally gets his shine to host SNL for the first time. Props to my dude Chozen.

National Anthem – Young Jeezy

New Jeezy

Not really sticking to my ribs but I rather hear what ya’ll think. This better not be what Def Jam’s depending on.

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“Homicide” Tony Yayo Feat. Spider Loc


The Godfather of the ghetto brings you a new track with Spider Loc. You know I love the f*ckery but I also have knowledge of self. So followers don’t listen to this. Gotta love this line:

Really put your kids in the blender

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Juelz Talks To XXL Mag

Everyones been wondering where the Boy Juelz has been and what’s his stance on the whole Diplomats situation. He sits down with XXL and gives the rundown on everything including his album with Lil’ Wayne and his upcoming solo project. Ay!

Max B. “We Need It”

Biggaveli Court

We all know Biggavel is a lover of 80′s music. He goes as far to say he’s an avid KTU and Z100 listener. Here’s a new track from he called we need it with another sample from the era Owww!!!

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Bill Gate’s “Last Day” Video At CES

who knew a Billionaire could have such a sense of humor. Here’s Bill final keynote at CES where he shows his last day video. The boy even got Jay-Z to be a part of it. Dude won’t even be in his own artists video at times. Money talks, bullsh*t walks a marathon.

Mason’s Born To Succeed Episode 1

Creflo’s adopted son takes over your TV set for a half an hour and tries to help you succeed.

Who Does It Better?

Let the war begin, now a couple of weeks ago, my partner posted a video of “Two Piece P” aka Prodigy with his son at the shooting range. And there were mixed reviews about this because some thought it wasn’t good parenting and why is 7 year old using a shotgun. Blah blah blah! He also said what was the problem while white people do it all the time when they deer hunt. That ruffled some dukies’ feathers and now I’m here to steal all your feathers with this one. Hit it my white friends from my ancestry state…How do you feel about this?