Lox Reunite At BB Kings NYC

So here’s some footage from the Lox performance from BB Kings in Times Square last night. There were rumours swirling that the group broke up but here they are on stage. Styles P. performed “Alone In The Streets” one of my favorite joints of SGEG.

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Max B OnSmash Interview

You know Max B. is one of PMD’s favorite rappers. Once you watch this you will also join the cult of Biggavelli.

Live In The Sky
T.I. Feat. Uness & Andre 3000 (New Version)

T.I. & Andre 3000

Now I’m not sure if this track is legitimate or if it is a blend but it is cool. It has nice old Motown Jackson 5 type of feel to it. And of course with a little help from Andre, Mr. 3000 goes in. Ya’ll gotta give this man some respect. Keep ur head up T.I.!!!
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Step Your Game Up DVD Part 5 Trailer

I don’t care about nothing else on this DVD except the part where Charlie Rock comes at Fat Joe and Pistol Pete. That sounds very interesting…On Youtube Early 08′ (Cause let’s face it, no on buys these DVD’s anymore)

Illdoc On Being First!

This post really inpires me to keep on with this PMD ishh. To think, I was about to cancel my Godaddy account and pack it all in. Sike!!!!!

DJ Clue TV Segments From DVD

Clue and Jordan Tower Films make a dvd for Clues new show. It features 50 Cent, Mariah Carey, Tyrese, Lil’ Wayne, Fabolous, Styles P, Uncle Murda, T.I. and many more…