This Is 50 Tour TV Episode 4: You Piss You Pay

So while on tour Yayo and company have to stop for “relief”. Little did they know you gotta pay to piss…not funny but I needed to post.

RZA For Belvedere Vodka

Here’s the RZA for Belvedere Vodka’s New Campaign. He talks about how his music fits and relates to Belvy. Yea, I can definitely see the connection with it all. Here’s the commercial featuring Vincent Gallo, you know the dude who got fellatio from Chloë Sevigny real time in Brown Bunny.

Family Reunion
Joe Budden Feat. Fabolous, Ransom & Hitchcock

Joe B

Off that Mood Muzik 3.5. All verses are strong but Fab takes us back to his early mixtape days with his verse.

“You got mail, nah nigga you got shells, and my mac you can’t use for ichat”

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Strong – Hiroller Feat. Analyze

PCE Hiroller

Another one from Hiroller featuring Analyze. New mixtape coming soon. Read the rest of this entry »

Ghostface Doll Commercial

By me one or no more free “stuff” in the New Year.

Clipse With JoJo Capone…Speak On Wayne

This is an old interview but I had to put it up. Pusha is in the top 5 right now when it comes to the “new air apparent”. JoJo Capone pulls it out of Pusha to speak on Wayne:

“He he claim King and claims he best Then I’m GOD”

Even I know Wayne ain’t touching this battle. But I want him to slip up like JaRule…

Tru Life Continues To Step On Capos Street Cred

Looks like Lizzy has no plans on letting up on Capo. Here he goes into the stuff we’ve heard before. It’sgood for a laugh and all but I wanna hear tracks from Tru cause he’s talented. But I Love the f*ckery too so at the end of the day it will get posted.

More Videos Inside

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