Family Bonding Prodigy Style

Now I know most of you will say “He’s a d*ck for carrying his son to the gun range”. But really look at the situation. Fathers in other walks of life go duck hunting and deer hunting with there kids at really young ages. Here’s Prodigy teaching his son how to shoot the family shotty on his 7th birthday.

Lupe Fiasco Chops It With Karmaloop TV

Jim Jones & LL Cool J On Tim Westwood

LL shares some real conversation with Tim Westwood and talks about his new album. You can also get the full audio here.

Lupe In Studio Making “Gold Watch”

This song is one of my fave and I will be stripping this song in a post in the near future.

Styles P Sits Down With RealTalkNY

Styles sits down with RealTalkNY to talk about the works in the industry. He talks about an album in the works with Capo, his feeling towards turn coat Jae Hood and getting money with 50 Cent.

Will Smith On Tavis Smiley

Was watching this last week and I couldn’t find it online til’ now. Will smith sat down with Mr. T for a conversation. They talked about his success and why he feels he’s not the best but works the hardest. If you haven’t seen I Am Legend yet you need to.

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A Hot Winter

Holiday wishes from The Real