Video: “Princess” DUO LIVE
Feat. Fabolous & Al B. Sure

I remember picking up a CD from one of these dudes on Broadway in the summer. Doing collaborations with Fab and resurrecting Al B. Sure, these dudes are on the grind.

Behind the scenes of Diddy’s Ciroc Commerical II

Styles P Freestyle On BBC1Xtra

Man Hot97 needs to really wrap there head around what BBC1Xtra is doing in there own town. Here Styles P punches his own rhymes on Tim Westwood’s Radio show. This is just hot and it’s real Hip Hop. Super Gangster Extraordinary Gentleman In Stores Now.

Pete Rock Sits Down With Semtex & Rosenberg

Semtex, Rosenberg and Pete Rock sit down for an interview. They talk about the new album New York’s Finest and whats to come in 08 from him. He talks about working with Doo Wop, Jim Jones Papoose and more.

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Lupe Fiasco On cineMAX Tour Stories

Lupe sits down with cineMAX for there Tour Stories segments. In this segment he talks about “Jay-Zing” a show. He also talks about aspirations of being a rock star. The way your album is set up your definitely on the way. (More Videos Inside Post)

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Criminals Gone Wild Founder On Bill O’Reilly

Yea dude is def smart enough to get all this press. I’m sure he’s making tons of money.

Papoose Get Sucker Punched

So there were rumors flying around that Pap got knocked out. He even put out a Youtube clip denying the fact. Well here’s the footage of Pap getting snuffed while taping a DVD. His man even got jumped in the process. Street credibility all f*cked up.