When Wack Rappers Go Bad

Comedy! But Bow Wow might be the biggest punk alive, you’re pretty tough talking behind your bodyguards. Is it me or does Bow Wow remind you of a Lil’ T.I.

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DJ Semtex Takes Over Def Jam Offices

Semtex and BBC 1Xtra decided to take over NYC for Christmas this year. The first installment of interviews went down with Semtex and Fab at Def Jam’s headquarters. Trying to get up with you before you jet back to the UK, so Tex holla.

Screw A iPod, I Want A Batpod…


As I have been told the trailer for Dark Knight are crazy, and then I came across this mobile on the internet. Now, Batman has always had some crazy automobiles but this Batpod might take the cake. This 2 wheeler is insane, and I let you be the judge. Click on the image to enlarge. Watch the teaser trailers too.

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DMX, Stop Being Greedy…With That Crack

I have no words, just watch and shake your head in shame.

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