Talib Kweli’s Best & Worst Of 2007

Talib shares his high and low point of 2007. There’s also a few more clips inside where he talks about plans for ’08, better business and collabos with Samsung.

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The N.O.R.E. Story Preview

“Stop Hittin’ Me” – Big Lou

From the dude that brought you Crack Head, here another one dedicated to battered women. Directed by Rik Cordero

I Am Legend Review Duke Style

I Am Legend

I Am Legend
Review by Benedict Hadley

Ill start off by saying that I am not a Will Smith fan. Fan being short for Fanatic and I’m no fanatic. That being said , I do really like the guy, what he stands for and the films he makes.Yet for some reason, in the past Mr. Smith’s role choices were not so much about his acting but the FX team creating the numerous explosions of cars, buildings, people, robots, buildings (oh wait I said that already) and aliens…but in recent years the man has done some stellar work. He made every dude with a tailor and some cuff links think they can bag any woman in ”Hitch”, he befriended and fought off some ill CGI villains in ”I Robot”, gave what I think was his finest moment to date in Michael Mann’s abstract but amazing ”Ali” and managed to not only cut the check for his little man but to also give a kick ass Oscar nominated performance in ”The Pursuit of Happyness”. So all in all the man done came up. His movies have become more about the character (I Robot, Ali, The Pursuit etc.) than the events in the picture (Independence day, Men in Black 1 and 2 !!!). So, with all that said and done I sit here at 12am at Sony Theaters in Manhattan to see what is sure to be this this weekends number one hit ”I am Legend”. The film, directed by Francis Lawrence (Constantine) is the 5th adaptation to film of the book by author Ricahrd Matheson but just off the A-List team behind the 2007 version I’m sure this one will fair far better that previous versions of the film. Either way, the movie is about to start…I will let you all know how it turns out.

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Ransom On True Stories DVD

Ransom speaks to True Stories DVD about the Budden beef. He also talks about his current label status and more.

Wyclef Jean With Angie On Hot97

The Clefster sits down with Angie Martinez for an in depth interview on HOT97.

More Pimp C Funeral Footage

Here’s more coverage of Pimp C’s going home funeral service. Friends, Family, and fas from all over came out to show there love and respect for the Port Arthur native. More videos inside the post.

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Common, Q-Tip & KRS-1 Freestyle Live At Nokia Theatre

Lonnie, held a freestyle session with John and Lawrence. Truly a unique and timelessly wonderful experience for hip-hop.

Beanie Sigel And Freeway With Angie On Hot97