This Is 50 Tour TV Episode 3: Chocolate Arm Pits

Whoo Kid finally gets revenge on Tony Yayo. I’m not gonna even talk about it just watch.

Pimp C’s Funeral Footage

Here’s some footage of Pimp C’s Funeral and words from a few on lookers, family members and friends.

Suge Knight & Chamillionaire In The Club

Hope Suge aint got his hand in Cham’s pockets, that’s all I’ll say on that.

Gold Watch – Mr. Fiasco

Lupe's Gold Watch

So Lupe leaked but I’m still holding true to going to make that purchase. This album is..well you have to wait for the review and a slew of late ones next week. I just had to let you get a listen to this one.

I love Street Fighter 2 ,I just really hate Zangief, only Ken and Ryu I find it hard to beat Blanka

Hot Fire Like Dylan On Chappelle Skit!!!

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Throwback Thursdays “Wood Wheel” UGK

As Pimp C is laid to rest today we drop one of his hottest songs with Bun in my opinion. Had to do one for the Pimp!!! R.I.P. Chad Butler

Criminals Gone Wild Exposed

Here’s last nigths follow up investigation on the Criminals Gone Wild DVD. One of the “actors” in the “movie” spoke to Fox news and said the whole thing was a hoax. I think it’s fake to but here’s another scenario. Dude that came forward might be guilty of something and now realizes that maybe this is get indicted 101….

Related: MSNBC Interview Criminals Gone Wild Creator

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Video: “Independent”
Webbie Feat. Lil’ Boosie And Lil’ Phat

Courtesy of OnSmash.

Ebro & Sha Money XL Put You On To Game

Hip Hop Game TV speaks to Ebro (Program Director for Hot97) and Sha Money XL on how independent artists should approach the game.