Video: “Ohio All Stars” Hi-Tek

Was feeling a down today so I played the crib. Didn’t get to go to the listening session but here.

Video: “On Crip” Snoopy Blu

Snoopy Blu makes a track getting at the homie Spider Loc. Seems like once again money messes up a relationship. View when these two had better days.
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Wu-Tang 8 diagrams Commercial

Even though there is turmoil within the Wu, this commercial is hot none the less. 8 Diagrams In Stores Now

Video: “I Like” Spider Loc

The cig homie Spider Loc drops another one on us.

Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool Full Album Preview

Lupe New Album Cover

MTV has the full album preview of The Cool. To preview the whole album at MTV click here.

Styles P Fresstyle On Sirius Radio

Got out and cop that Super Gangster Extraordinary Gentleman In Stores Now

Breakin’ And Poppin’ Ad Alfonso Ribeiro

Think Hip Hop sold out recently, in the words of Frank…you dead wrong. Here’s Alfonso Ribeiro’s (Yep Carlton) commercial for his how to break dance instructional VHS. He even give you a how to rap tape with the video. See folks this capitalization isn’t because of Diddy, he was actually a student of it.

Video: Naledge Talks Obama 08′

Emcee Naledge (one half of Kidz In The Hall) talks about his political views and lays a track also in support of Obama for President in 08′.

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Video: “Street N*gga” & “Hella Ones” Gucci Mane

Gucci Gucci

As our viewers grow, we’ve come to realize posting some of these videos might scare away some people. Sike!!!, it’s a two for one Gucci special from the trap start by way of OnSmash. (Videos inside post). Back To The Trap House In Stores Now

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Who Wants To Buy Gary Coleman’s Car…

Gary Coleman

As you can tell in the picture my dude Gary Coleman is selling his 2007 Saturn Sky on Ebay. Before we get into the car details, let’s exam the seller. Look at this negro wearing green Crocs, a old ass denim jacket & jeans that don’t match, and he has the ill gangster pose. Chill lil’ dude! Now on to the car…

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