Lavoisier Talks To Kids About Fake Rappers

This conversation is so thought provoking and true. Lavoisier discusses the harsh reality of how rap music affects the youth. It’s crazy when the kids acknowledge that the music is hurting them but they love it. I guess the real thing is each one teach one.

Bonus Video From Lavoisier Inside Post

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Pimp C Clip From His Pimpalation DVD

Here’s Pimp C in the way we should remember him. He speaks his mind and tells it like it is. R.I.P. the Pimp!!!

Floyd Wins Against Hatton With KO In The 10th


This made me very happy yesterday. Floyd pummeled Ricky Hatton for 10 rounds controlling the fight. But in the tenth round Floyd executed Hatton with 2 back to back knock downs ending the bout in the tenth. I know the flight back to England will be a quiet and salty one. Floyd I never had a doubt about you. You can watch the video inside the post.

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