50 Cent & G-Unit On Shade 45 (12/8/07)

Fiddy Cent

50 answers the rumors about the stupid coke accusations. He also says f*ck Croatia and talks about India. Even talks about how In Da Club bought him Mike Tysons house. He also digs in to Spike Lee a little.

You f*ck up those movies and Denzel bails you out every time.

Props to the homie Two-Times!!!

Part 1 of 50 with Whoo Kid on Shade 45

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“Reason Season Lifetime”
Saigon Featuring Jovan Dais

Saigon Jail

New Saigon featuring Jovan Dais. Discuss

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Video: A Gang Of Styles P Video’s

Now Watching: Please Listen To My Mixtape

On this cold Saturday, before or after you watch Mayweather and Hatton duke it out enjoy these 10 (Yes 10!!!) videos. Courtesy of The Come Up & Jordan Tower Films but always powered by OnSmash.

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Wyclef Watches 2Girls1Cup
And Performs On PH:TV

Wyclef sat down with PH:TV for an interview. Dude is gangsta for true or has an iron belly. He ate food while watching 2Girls1Cup. He then performed If I Was President”. The Carnival II: Memoirs Of An Immigrant In Stores Now

Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool Snippets

Cool Snippets

Here’s The Cool in it’s entirety…well sort of. This clearly means the album is on it’s way to the net. Don’t fret Lu, imma cop The Cool most definite. The album sounds strong and so does the production. Listen and download snippets inside post.

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This Is 50 Tour TV Episode 2:
Whoo Kids Caught With Powder

I guess Whoo Kid is the odd man out huh.