Tony On Hot97 With Angie

Thats how we do it, Staten Island!

Hatton Vs. Mayweather 24/7

This is the final episode of Hatton Vs. Mayweather’s 24/7. I missed it last night and I figured some of you did too. I hope Floyd beats this dude back to Manchester.

Bun B Talks About Pimp C


Bun B sat down with Houston’s 97.9 about losing his friend and rap partner Pimp C. Hold your head my brother and be strong for the H-Town.

Bun B interview

Video: “Fast Car” Wyclef Feat. Paul Simon

Dunno about this one Clef, I rather hear Paul Simon on this track.

Jay-Z For Stop Smiling 20 Interviews issue

Stop Smiling Hovie

Jay-Z sat down with Stop Smiling Magazine to talk about American Gangster, Hip Hop, and Don Imus. Here’s an excerpt:

Stop Smiling:
What about the word using the word ‘nigger’ in rhymes?

For me, it’s all about the intention. I could call you an ‘apple tree,’ but if I say it with venom and hate, that is what it’s about. It’s not the word that has the power, it’s the person. All of this came about because the Imus discussion turned into a hip-hop discussion.

Imus couldn’t name three rappers; well, maybe he could, but he couldn’t name their songs. Imus doesn’t listen to rap, so he’s not influenced by it. He didn’t get that from us. I missed the point the discussion stopped being about Imus.

Trump Is A Ballin’ For Real


Either “The Donald” just close a deal or he got the meanest happy ending. He left a 10,000 dollar tip at a restaurant a few days ago. Rappers catch up, to him that was light work!!!

Roots Reaction To 2 Girls 1 Cup

Well if you didn’t see it then just google it…lol

KRS-1 Cosigns Joell Ortiz 110%

I mean, I knew dude is nice and ya’ll knew but maybe a cosign from the teacher might help. The Brick In Stores Now…

And if you didn’t know dude was nice here’s proof