Video: “Speedin” Rick Ross Feat. R. Kelly

Trilla Coming February 19th!

The Fresh Prince On 60 Minutes

Will Smith Sat Down with correspondent Steve Kroft for this interview. He tells Steve he is not particularly talented, but that his sickening work ethic makes up for it. Man I can’t wait to see I Am Legend next Friday. Dallas, Fresh, Rafi, Ben, Cashmere Reason, Rome, Trose, Ben, Mathis, S. Mathis whats good with the movie night!?!?!

Part 2 Inside

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Remy Ma Talks Tough With Kay Slay

Remy Ma

Here’s the Remy Ma interview from Shade 45. On the real I don’t think Kim want’s any real action with this girl. Kim is the drug dealers girlfriend, while Remy if the girl that fights the dealer and his girlfriend.

That little boy better leave me alone

Word Kim, she sound like she don’t want to get lyrical at all. She only wants to get physical, and your goonies aren’t around anymore….

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Pass It Over Here Now


Reminiscing of my youth playing Tical through my Sega Saturn, in 94 and then 95. Why yes I had both version cause I was ignorant. Ahh youth, it was much simpler then…

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Throwback Thursdays
“Doowatchyalike” Digital Underground

This was a joint that could set off any house party back in the day!

Snoop on Ellen

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