Watch Your Back 50

I guess getting pumped (no homo) with 9 bullets will make any one nervous or paranoid. Here’s 50 Cent being interviewed for a Croation television show. Fiddy keeps his eye on homey in the Bum Squad t-shirt. Little does he know it’s only the translator. Chill out Fif

Haitian V Speaks On Reggae Music

Haitian V Explains His Thoughts On Reggae Music. He Compares Who He Says Is The King, Bob Marley To The Current State That Reggae Music Is In Today.

Saigon Vs. Mobb Deep Revisited

Looks Like Its Official. I aint see Saigon duck under no table. Heres the unedited version by Cocaine City DVD. Prodigy got punched by Saigon.

Video: “Barrel Bros.” Tony Feat. Beanie Sigel

Rik goes in heavy, Big Doe Rehab In Stores Now.

“Hip Hop Nation” Channel Live

My dude Hak is back with Channel Live. His new song Hip-Hop Nation is a cry out to the bullsh*t. Discuss my dukes.

Video: “You Ain’t Ready”
Beanie Sigel Feat. Styles P

The Solution In Stores now

R.I.P. Pimp C 1973 – 2007

R.I.P. Pimp C

Today is just filled with sad news. I just heard from a close friend that Pimp C was found dead this morning. He was 33 and would’ve been 34 in a couple of weeks. This is crazy man. Rest In Peace Pimp.

Spice 1 Shot This Morning In Critical

Spice 1

Spice 1 was rushed to a hospital this morning after he was found shot in his car. Prayers go out to him and his family. SOHH has the full story for you.

Happy Birthday Jay

Today is the greatest rapper of all-time’s birthday and here is a gift for us from him. Everybody knows about the king, so I don’t have get too into him, but he did turn 38 on this day. At the age he is eating up most of these young artist out here, like wine he got better with age.

Rambo Is Alive…

At first I thought this was a joke but after watching it, I realized it was real. John Rambo aka Rambo IV might suck but it is the bloody and goriest of them all. The $50 million movie is scheduled to be released for January 25, 2008.