MJBMary hits the cover of Billboard Mag. Looking nice!
Shout out to Amina

Capo Gets Choked Up On 106 & Park

Capo sat down at 106 & Park for World Aids Day. He spoke on how HIV/AIDS affected his life with the passing of his Father and Uncles. Goes to show you even gangsters have feelings.

Diddy’s Ad For CNBC

Had to rip this from Eskay cause it’s about my dude Diddy. Here’s his spot which is a part of CNBC’s new American Business campaign highlighting different executive throughout entertainment.

Ghostface Is Not Feeling RZA

Ghost let’s his feelings out to MTV on how he feels about Bobby stunting with the ODB track.

This Is 50 Tour TV Episode 1:
“Whoo Kids Bad Breath”

Yayo & 50 clown around by brushing his sneakers off with Whoo Kid’s toothbrush. Nice set up by Fif to get him to use it.

Lil’ Kim Speaks On Remy Ma Diss

Damn man, I can’t even look at Kim the same so it all sounds like the parents in the Peanuts Gang (Wah-wah wah-wah-wah-wah).

Video: “I’m A G” Lil’ Keke Feat. Birdman

F*ck A Diploma, I’m Smothered In The Dro Aroma – Lil’ KeKe

When Duffle Boys Attack!!!

So TiTi Boy has no form of media training or tact. He goes to SOHH’s camera people and acts a damn fool. His anger was fueled by reports that SOHH made about Playaz Cirlcle getting robbed in Philly.

Pete Rosenberg At The J.A.M. Awards Part 1

Mr. Rosenberg covers the event, ask the real questions, and keeps it Hip Hop…whatever that means these days.

ST. IDES – Poisoning The Hood Since 1980 Sumn

Get Your Girl In The Mood Quicker, Get Your Jimmy Thicker, With St. Ides
Malt Liquor
– O’Shea Jackson

It’s so funny how people act like promoting liquor in videos is anything new. Some of raps heroes made some of the biggest sellout moves. Take for instance these St. Ides commercials from the early nineties. These commercials came on when I’d watch TV, not during prime time. Sh*t, the corner store would sell us the frozen St. Ides and I swore it was an icy. I was sad to see them disappear from the stores. One of those and a Ninja Turle Pie would have me on charge all day.

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