Roids All The Rage For 2008

In a world where sales wasn’t doing too good and Dr. Dre’s album continues to loom over the horizon, rogue agent Randy Dockett wants names named and the long-awaited ‘Detox’ to come out. No homo.

On Our Grind – Capone-N-Noreaga

CNN Is Back

And the man known as Korean Slap Boxer rejoices because this means his favorite Hip Hip duo is prepping to release another classic. Read the rest of this entry »

Leak Of The Week:
“Real Live Gangster” Jay-Z & K-Def

K Def

My favorite of all the mash-ups thats surfaced since Jigga released the acapellas to AG. I for prefered his rendition of the Shaft sample than Just, but that’s just me. And like Pimp C says opinions are like arseholes. More on K-Def at his own site here.

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DMX Says Fugg Def Jam….

Man this dude was once at the top of the game. It seems like the only thing were going to get an E True Hollywood Story out of him.

GZA Asks What’s The Big Deal About 50?

Video: “We On” Gemini Feat. Lupe Fiasco

Lupe’s artists Gemini breaks out with his new video.

South Rappers Response To Pimp C’s Statements

Kind of late and all but the footage is new to me. A few rappers from the south (mainly the A) speak to Cheddar Mag about Pimp C’s statement about the south.

Chef’s Story About How U-God Almost Killed Him

Raekwon speaks about how he and U-God would play with guns as a child. “If we wasn’t young smart real niggas we wouldn’t knew that yo hold up you don’t play that way”. Classic, good thing they could be here to tell the story.

Hotstylz – Lookin Ass Nigga

Random comedy rap found while perusing Youtube.

Moore Footage Of NaS At Hammerstein

Esco performs on the 26th at Hammerstein. Video courtesy of Street Knowledge.