Daily B.S. 11/23/07

All you old rappers trying to advance it’s all over now take it like a man. This clip from The Boondocks is so funny and sad at the same time. How many cribs have we actually seen like this. And now folks the nuwz:

Beanie Sigle speaks some real ishh on the T.I. situation: That T.I. situation, things like that make it hard,” Beans wrote in the entry.”But T.I. was trippin.’ C’mon boss, who you going to war with? If you didn’t try it then, why would you try it now?. more at Sohh.

Several Hip Hop artists got into the Holiday swing of things by supporting charities by giving away food, clothes, and raising money. Now if we could only get them down to towns like Jena…

Looks like Suge might have to take the stand in B.I.G.’s murder case.

My dude Dallas got an ill freestyle cypher with KRS-1 and Joell Ortiz.

Attention all creeps, click here if you wanna see Christina Aguilera’s nanny!!!

“Sexual Eruption” Snoop Dogg

Snoop & The Bitches

Here’s Snoop first single off his album Ego Trippin’ which comes out March 2008. The track is produced by Shawty Redd who’s done a slew of hits for Young Jeezy.

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“Art Of Storytelling Part 4″
OutKast Feat. Marsha Ambrosius


Outkast took it to the good old days and continued a classic series with Art Of Storytelling Part 4 with the help of Marsha Ambrosius formerly of Floetry. This song is from the upcoming DJ Drama Gangsta Grillz album, and as usual Andre 3000 went in on this track.

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“Chillin Tonight” Lil’ Kim

Lil' Kim

The Queen B!tch is back on the grind with this joint.

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Give ‘Em Your Angry Face

Angry Ne-Yo

I don’t understand why they gave him a tour but they did and R.Kelly aka “The Molester” does it again. Now the King of Creep & B kicks Ne-Yo off the Find A Young Girl tour, it’s crazy cause I’ve been hearing different stories about this situation. But now I found one of the versions to the story and it is probably the truth. It’s Ne-Yo’s side of the story and I’ll believe him over Kells. But you can judge for yourself. If you ask me, I would watch my back if I was Keyshia Cole and J.Holiday, ya”ll could be next!

Ne-Yo Interview