Jay-Z performs “Pray” & “No Hook”

Here a few clips from Hov’s American Gangster promo tour. And the
album keeps growing on me more and more…

Video: Blow Your Mind – Styles P.

Here’s Pinero’s video for Blow Your mind. The videos very surreal…definitely not something I’d expect from SP back in the day. Peep the cameo from Idris “Stringer Bell” Elba. Big Ups to OnSmash for the video.

Super Gangster Extraordinary Gentleman In Stores December 4th

That’s The Way We Became The Brainless Bunch!

Brainless Bunch

So today folks some of Rap’s Royalty had to strut into court today due to various charges. It goes to show you that money doesn’t make you wiser. People with a clear chance to get out end up making some of the worst decisions for themselves. Here’s the rundown for each rapper attending trial:

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Public Enemy Number 1 Is Here!!!

PMD and P.E.

Killa Cam is out Bin Laden’s bunker and ready for war. The first installment Public Enemy #1 is available on Kill Cam’s Space for download right now. Cam will be in Harlem in front of the Apollo tonight from 10pm to 12am giving away hard copies (pause) for free. If you can stand the cold you can download it now.

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Mood Muzik 3 Trailer

Coming Soon

Sacario ready to ether Joe Budden

So Joe Budden called Sacario and I ain’t know these two had a beef. On the real it was a sneak shot no matter how Budden twist it. Well here’s Sacario talking on the Youtube ready for war. I love the drama!!!

Thug Life:Grandma Stlye

Here’s a clip from LAPD The Beat. Police went to a reported disturbance with an elderly woman. Little did they know Hip Hop would be the reason shes acting crazy.

Daily B.S. 11/7/07

So sometime today I’ll post Killer Cam’s Public Enemy Number 1. Turns out Cam will be giving away copies of P.E. #1 tonight in front of the Apollo from 10pm – 12am. I doubt I’ll make that trek but you wont have to either. And now the nuwz:

So what happens when Jim Jone and Juelz can’t get into Chris Browns album release party…THEY SHUT IT DOWN!!!

Here’s Cassidy’s interview with Angie on Hot 97 via Youtube.

Peep the Come On Baby Remix with Jay-Z from Saigon.

My dude Dallas and Rafi aka the internet celebrities shut down the VH1 Hip Hop Honors!!!.

More footage from VH1 Story Tellers, Hov performs I Know & Dreamin’.