Black Smith TV: Episode 1

Here’s the first episode of Talib Kweli’s Black Smith TV. Here he takes you around Brooklyn showing you the sight and culture. He takes you to his old and new homes. Gotta love when he break his new neighbor down.

Pull Em’ Up !!!

Pul Em' Up

So people in Dallas are really pushing this Saggy Pants Campaign. I myself wear my pants at waistline but I guess it’s because my mother raised me right or maybe I’m just old fashion. Well the people in Dallas aren’t having it no more.

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Leak: Saigon Meets Just Blaze


This track is fire, but damn when is the album gonna drop?!?!?!

Props to Eskay

Saigon Meets Just Blaze

Cam’s take over Phase 1: Glitter

Army Cam

Not really the first blow I was expecting but it’s still Killa.

Public Enemy Number 1 In Stores Nov. 7th

Cam’Ron – Glitter

Prodigy on Kay Slay: 10/24/07

Mobb Liars

V.I.P. speaks on the situation where his head got rattle TWICE at Hav’s party. He even says that baby hands Hav was going to snuff Saigon. Yea F*ckin right. More blasphemy below.

Props to my dude Nation

Part 1 | Part 2

Smif And Wessun Drop Lyrics

Lyric Book

Smif N Wessun take you right into The Album with liner note and all the albums lyrics. A cool online book for you to go through while bumping it.

The Album In Stores Now

Throwback Thursdays
“Liquid Swords” GZA

All I remember is riding the 4 train every morning headed to A&D with my walkman that could skip songs. I’d wear over baggy clothes which is far from my current fashion choice. This album from beginning to end is arguably the best Wu-Tang solo album.