Killa Cam Surfaces!!!

So it looks like the sleeping giant has finally reared his head…..pause. Killa Cam announced that his free double cd mixtape Public Enemy Number 1 will be released November 7th.

MTV has the full story

Leak: Gossip

Smoked Out Parole Violator

The song the Smoked Out Parole Violator performed at the BET awards

Gossip – Lil’ Wayne

Leak: American Gangster Preview

AG Preview

This has been circualting since yesterday but I know some of ya’ll need this.

American Gangster Snippets

Random Diggin’: A Lil’ o Dis, a Lil o Dat

Diggin In The Crates

Here’s a few cuts that a few artists sampled to make hits. If you guys have any you’d like to add feel free to email em. If you get picked I’ll drop a nice link in your mailbox.

Borrower: T.I.
Song: What You Know
Lender: Roberta Flack
Song: Gone Away

Borrower: Crucial Conflict
Song: Hay
Lender: Minnie Ripperton
Song: Les Fleur

50 Thinks T.I. Better Cop Out

50 give his 2 cents on the T.I. situation. He goes on to say that dude is basically caught red handed and needs to cop out. T.I. is also a two strike felon and we all know the three strikes law. Yea dawg you neeeds best find out what kinda deal they willing to give you. Wouldn’t like for you to go out like Shyne.

Juelz Santana Speaks!!!

Fresh out Bin Ladens bunker is Juelz Santana. He speaks on Cam’Ron, talks tough about Peedi Crakk, and has some words about T.I.’s situation. AY!

Docs: Why We Bang

Here’s a doc I watched last night called Why We Bang. It’s about the Blood and Crip gang culture in California. The doc does deep into the origins of both gangs and how it affects life today in California. All you so called NY Bloods and Crips need to watch this and see what kind of powder keg you’re playing with.

Parts 2 – 8 inside post

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Weng Weng!!!

Here’s some funny s*t my dude Just sent me last night. Dude is like the littlest pimp / double agent ever.

Common With A Drunk Fan!

The ever calm, cool, and collected Common takes the time to chill with a drunk fan that gets backstage somehow. Funny Clip.

Finding Forever In Stores Now