Part 1 of Jay-Z interview from XXL

King Hov

The greatest lyricist of all time (So Says KRS-1 and PMD) has the first half of his XXL cover story available for you to read before the issue drops.

Jay-Z: I’ll Still Kill (Part I)

One Response to “Part 1 of Jay-Z interview from XXL”

  1. S.Mathis Says:
    October 20th, 2007 at 6:53 am

    Shocking to hear Jay actually open up and give us his opinion on a few things (use of the word Nigga, Oprah, Lil Wayne, etc). With all due apologies to PMD a mistake was made: Jay is the # 2 lyricist of all time. Nas is #1 (he just doesnt always have the flow to emphasize it enough). Of course, Jay has the most versatile, lethal flow in the history of rap, so yes he is the greatest emcee of all time.

    “God your man Hov’ cracked the can open again
    Who you gon’ find doper than him with no pen
    just draw off inspiration
    Soon you gon’ see you can’t replace him
    with cheap imitations for These GENERATIONS!!!”

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