Below The Heavens – Blu & Exile

Below The Heavens

01. My World Is
02. The Narrow Path
03. So(ul) Amazin’
04. Juicen’ Dranks Feat. Taraach
05. In Remembrance of Me
06. Blu Cola Workers
07. Dancing In the Rain
08. First Things First Feat. Miguel Jontel
09. No Greater Love
10. Show Me the Good Life Feat. Aloe Blacc & Joseph
12. Cold Hearted Feat. Miguel Jontel
13. The World Is (Below the Heavens)
14. You Are Now In the Clouds With (The Koochie Monstas)

I know this album has been out since August but it needs light. It seems like the spirit of Pharcyde has been bred into West Coast representer Blu. Below The Heavens the album has a mid nineties feel. Teamed with his producer (hence Blu & Exile) they created an album I’d expect to come from any borough NYC.

My World Is begins with the beautiful voice of a woman saying his name. The bass filled beat smashes her voice out of memory. As with most intro’s Blu introduces himself. Touching on a little bit of each part of his life. The Narrow Path is the road less traveled. He talks about how hard it is to get where he wants in this game by remaining true to his rhymes. The poverty makes it tempting to turn to the streets but he presses on. So(ul) Amazin’ has sratches of Lil’ Fames voices cuts between commons over a smooth rhythm. You can tell that this emcee’s influence comes from the The Native Tongue Posse movement.

Juicen Dranks has a 70′s beat intertwining with Taraach. Blu takes over with a confidence and bravado of a seasoned emcee. This song is filled with punchlines and ill wordplay. In Remembrance of Me is a feel good song. Its full of reminiscing, strife, maturing, and love. Blu Collar Worker is my favorite track. Blu speaks on trying to have a girl but not having enough to make her happy. The claim that all they want is someone who can make them happy. The reality is its all about the paper. He continues with his style of playing with the subject matter.

Dancing In The Rain is a melodic story. Blu takes you through a day of his life. To escape the ills of his like he zones out to music. The second verse speaks on the struggle to make music and not “hits”. Blu easily jumps from subject without missing a beat. First Things First is one for the ladies. He speaks as if he’s hollering at a shorty letting her know who he is. Any dude can feel something Blu’s spittin’ to the ladies. On No Greater Love he speaks on the type of love only one and there significant other can understand. Even when it’s ugly to everyone else only the two can see why they stay.

Show Me The Good Life has Blu speaking to God about having a kid and not being ready. Its easy to relate to because we all have dreams we haven’t achieved yet. He continues with question on how to teach others and asks for a way to take the steps he needs to get to where he wants to be. Simply Amazin’ is Blu showing his skill off for emcees and fans alike. Each verse lets you know how far he can take it. Definitely a song worth checking out. Cold Hearted tells of the evils that infected his soul as a youth. His knucklehead ways showed him the wrong side of life. He roamed the streets with a gun, so young and dumb. Growing up with an abusive father who beat his mother he chose the streets. He found solace in music and this is his story. The World Is samples Pete Rocks words to help let the youth know we need to make change. Each verse is filled with jewels to pick up and learn from.

You Are Now In Clouds With is a soul clap. Basically a jam session with all the musicians who made the album possible. There are three untitled bonus tracks with the version I have. You can download them right here. In one album you can get a feel for who Blu is. His LP is another album one can relate to. If you close your eyes you can put yourself in any of the situations, trials and tribulations without feeling like a stranger. Can’t wait for the next LP.

3 Responses to “Below The Heavens – Blu & Exile”

  1. R. Kelly's Lawyer Says:
    October 17th, 2007 at 11:33 am

    True west! Thanx for the review. Below the heavens is a good candidate for hip hop album of the year.

  2. S. Mathis Says:
    October 18th, 2007 at 8:01 am

    Negative KELLY defense team ESQ. The field is already crowded with ‘Hip Hop is Dead,’ ‘Finding Forever’ (best song candidate: Forever Begins), ‘Graduation,’ and possibly Nas’ new album (if he wakes up & gets inspired).

  3. Korean Slap Boxer Says:
    October 18th, 2007 at 11:46 am

    Ur bugged. Hip Hop Is Dead was boring

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