Swagger – Phever

Phever Video Shoot

Here’s a cut off Phever’s 13th Floor. One of the tracks off the album. Download and Discuss.


2 Responses to “Swagger – Phever”

  1. Kayla Bluss Says:
    October 15th, 2007 at 8:07 pm

    Everything phever does is dope. One of the most underrated underground rappers I’ve heard in a while

  2. S. Mathis Says:
    October 16th, 2007 at 6:11 am

    Rating system: 1=wack, 2=unoriginal/needs work, 3=average, 4=superior, 5=elite/classic/groundbreaking

    The topic matter of this song immediately turned me off. I like the beat but the chorus needs work since it just loses you. I think that PHEVER could be nice but it seems like he raps with a ice grill, so it makes him sound like the Brooklyn boogieman on the track. I’d like to hear what his real voice sounds like. You don’t have to have the grrr in your voice to sound tough. Oh and original content/perspective never hurts.
    LYRICS: 2, FLOW: 3, BEAT: 3.5, CHORUS: 2.

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