Back Up N Da Chevy – Boyz N Da Hood

New Boyz Album

01. Everybody Know Me
02. Bite Down
03. Say What’s On Your Mind
04. Nothing Is Promised
05. We Ready Feat. Yung Joc
06. Choppa’s
07. Block Boyz
08. We Ridin’
09. Paper
10. Back Up N Da Chevy
11. Table Dance Feat. T-Pain
12. We Thuggin’
13. No Haters Allowed

When Young Jeezy announced his depature from the quartet known as Boyz N Da Hood most thought it was the end. I myself thought the same. The singles were structured around the trap star and hid the talent of the other three emcees. – years later and the group finds them self at square one. With a new addition (Gorilla Zoe) to the group the foursome takes us Back Up N Da Chevy.

The first track Evrybody Know Me sets the pace for an Adrenaline filled album. Zoe and Big Gee kills the first verse. I can see this hook being recited by fans in clubs. Even though I don’t condone drug use the song Bite Down can convince you otherwise. The infectious beat and rhythmic hook creates a standout track. Say What’s On Your Mind is fight music. This one will cause the mean muggin’ and champagne head cracking in the club.

Yung Joc lends his vocals to Nothing Is Promised. Duke sets it off with his drawl while Zoe cuts in to add the tag team presence. We Ready has Yung Joc borrowing Juvenile flow on the hook (can’t remember the song but I will follow up). This one is cool but it isn’t a standout track. Big Gee puts his all into this one. Verse is short but it’s worth a listen. Choppas is click clack music and Ice Cube on the track is a great move. The West Coast representer murders the track leaving the Boyz having to play catch up.

Block Boyz is a cool track but I didn’t pick up this album tp hear the future of Block Ent. Yung Joc and Jody breeze stand out on this song. Big Gee really stepped it up on the second LP. His verse isn’t the best but his support lyrically on this track makes it hot. Rick Ross provides he one style Hatin They Hatin rhyme. I don’t care for this one that much. The title track Back Up N Da Chevy has a feel like the Cash Money hey days. Big Gee and Duke serve as the representers on this one. I actually want to here a tag team or solo efforts from both artists.

T-Pain aka Teddy Pendherassdown sets the mood on Table Dance with this strip club banger. Can’t wait for the uncut version of this video. We Thuggin’ is another gangster driven beat knocking anthem. The semi whisper hook that Jody Breeze lays seamlessly melds with the beat. The last cut No Haters is a warning to those who tend to do just that. Not one of the strongest joints but Gorilla Zoe and Breeze give it a good feel.

In closing I thought this album was going to disappoint but I would spend my hard earned on Back Up N Da Chevy. The absence of Young Jeezy made the trio step there game up. The addition of Zoe filled the gap. Even though he was suppose to be the star of the group he shares that spot well giving all artists light.

2 Responses to “Back Up N Da Chevy – Boyz N Da Hood”

  1. Ak-Nolij Says:
    October 15th, 2007 at 4:05 am

    Nice. Personally, I’m not very fond of Jeezy. I kind of see him as a bit of a southern 50 Cent. Though I have no problem with U.S.D.A. and Shawty Redd, Boyz N Da Hood, with or without Jeezy, is my top new age southern pick(along with Outkast) all the way. Thanx for the review, I’m lookin’ forward to hearing the album. =]

  2. S.Mathis Says:
    October 15th, 2007 at 7:57 am

    Sorry, but I’m one of those hip hop elitist who is still pining for the next ‘Illmatic’, ‘Midnight Marauders’ (right jab to Lupe), ‘Reasonable Doubt’, etc. I can’t listen to an album that has songs named ‘No Haters’, ‘We Thuggin’, and ‘Table Dance’. Doesn’t that just scream LAME, UNORIGINAL, MEDIOCRE content?

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