West Kept Secret: The Prequel Spider Loc

West Kept Secret Prequel

01. Spi
02. Blutiful World Feat. E-note
03. Big Blacc Boots Feat. Ice Cube
04. Get Right Down
05. Sometimes
06. All I Know Feat. E-note
07. Look At Me Feat. E-note
08. Make You Love Me
09. Russ
10. Hustle To You Come Up
11. Hold On
12. Close To The Edge
13. Cry And Cry Feat. L.O.V.E.
14. I Like
15. Blutiful World Re-mix Feat. Papa Smurf & Piper

West Kept Secret is a trial an error of sorts. Spider Loc’s solo debut is has his flexing his music muscles. From collabos, to working with producers this is Spiders vision. The G-Unit Loc was brought in to fill the gap of having eyes and ears in Cali. Known on the streets for putting in work. This gangster turned emcee is showing Curtis he has what it takcreating his own buzz. West Kept Secret The Prequel is just that. A collection of songs Spi has recorded over the last year. With the Unit suffering the “Top of the game” hate he has alot to prove for his team and himself.

The intro SPI is a welcome to the listeners. He gives a brief description of his persona, his past and potential future. The track is cool but the hook comes off cheesy. Blutiful World is the Loc in his zone. A song dedicated to his affiliation. Everything about this song is hot. Another hot song on W.K.S. is Big Blacc Boots. It features Ice Cube and boy does the vet still flow like he’s new and hungry. Spider holds his own with O’Shea making this a track for gangsters and emcees alike.

Get Right Down drops the altitude a bit but not that much. In third person he spits about his life. The repetitive “Get Right Down” reminds me of The Heatmakerz…I can’t stand them. Sometimes is made for Cali. The beat makes me vision the streets out west on a bright sunny day. He paints a vivid pictures making me wanna hit Jetblue.com. All I Know gets a little personal, which is surprising. He speaks about himself and what he goes through. Six songs into the album and that’s getting repetitive. His flow isn’t as strong on this one.

A Jamaican (or faican) brings in Look At Me. This song is okay but I’m Skipping it. Make You Love Me has Spi telling you why you should f*ck with the Loc. The Hook is terrible so it takes away from the lyrics and production. Russ is all over the place coupled with more “This is what I do” banter. On Hustle Til’ You Come Up he does more of the same and spits a wack hook (insert 50 here).

Hold On takes the Simply Red sample and bores me silly. On Close To The Edge Spi does more of the…yep same. Cry and Cry features L.O.V.E., I’m guessing this is his group. The song for the ladies actually pokes fun at making that kind of song. Basically Spider’s the player and he can’t leave the game even for love. I Like is another one for the ladies. This dude should stay away from these kind of songs. Its like the Thing trying to caress a models face. The Blutiful World Remix is an important song for Cali. It has three different gang unifying for good music. Spider (ECG), Papa Smurf (Blood), and Piper (Grape Street Crip) make a song repping each set without disrespecting each other. My favorite verse is the last one but they’re all hot.

This album shows that Spider has potential to become a staple in West Coast rap music. The repetitive subject matter and weak hooks show his need for growth, a real A&R and the need to be an artist first then a boss.

2 Responses to “West Kept Secret: The Prequel Spider Loc”

  1. S. Mathis Says:
    September 27th, 2007 at 5:32 pm

    I have no interest in hearing this album. The biggest mistake Fifty ever made was dropping Game (who incidentally enough made a better 2nd album then ‘the Massacre’). Or, is it the second biggest mistake after challenging ‘the Graduation’ and getting K-Slayed.

  2. Beggar Says:
    September 30th, 2007 at 3:48 pm

    Nah this got some good tracks… well atleast when he is rapping and not talking about his self….

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