The Kush – Havoc

Havoc The Kush

01. NY 4 Life
02. I’m The Boss
03. By My Side Feat. 40 Glocc
04. One Less Nigga
05. Ride Out
06. Balling Out
07. What’s Poppin’ Tonite
08. Class By Myself
09. Set Me Free
10. Be There
11. Hit Me Up
12. Get Off My Dick

Havoc has represented for NYC since first touching the mic. From the second dynasty of New Yorks reign the Queens Bridge native takes the solo route with The Kush. A sneak attack of sorts Hav released his LP the same time as his boss. Not a wise choice in my opinion but he does it for the love. With Prodigy releasing the critically acclaimed Return of The Mac, the pressures on Hav for his first solo joint.

NY 4 Life strays from the title and goes into different subject matter. Production isn’t Havocs best but is good none the less. The single I’m The Boss picks up the tempo showing Havoc can make party songs. The track isn’t groundbreaking but good enough. 40 Glocc makes a cameo on By My Side. Another ode to a gun, how creative. The sarcasm fills me but all I can vouch for is the beat. One Less Nigga is what I was looking for. This adrenaline filled crime bred track is the spirit of Mobb Deep.

Ride Out is cool but the hook makes the song intolerable. Balling Out is wack, period. The title What’s Poppin’ Tonite doesn’t do the song justice. The song is pretty good but I feel Prodigy could’ve made this better. Class By Myself isn’t anything worth talking too much about.

Set Me Free sounds like an intro. Prodigy saves the song with his sixteen. It’s clear VIP revived himself with Return of The Mac.On Be Here Hav questions the loyalty of his friends. The subject matter is cool but the hook takes away from it. Each verse delivers but the hook is lacking. Hit Me Up is a warning to all nay sayers and fools willing to try the Mobb. The closer, Get Off My Dick is a hot track. Warning all who try to hate and think they could compete with the boys from the Bridge.

The Kush had potential to be a good album. Havoc lacked the vision to keep the cameos low. The features (minus Prodigy) did nothing to enhance the songs. Production wise Hav didn’t follow Kanye by saving the hot beats for himself. Maybe Curtis has his MPC on a short leash with a first look clause in the contract. Now that Havocs got the solo effort off his chest we could look forward to a new Mobb album.

2 Responses to “The Kush – Havoc”

  1. S. Mathis Says:
    September 27th, 2007 at 5:20 pm

    The days of looking forward to a Mobb Deep album are over, and this is coming from a huge Mobb fan. Prodigy just isn’t the same anymore and that was the meat & potatoes of those classic joints. Havoc can still produce well but rapping was always secondary. This review makes that quite evident.

  2. Beggar Says:
    September 30th, 2007 at 3:50 pm

    Well like alot of albums it would have a few joints you can bump… Havoc beats are still tuff!

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