Congressional hearings on Hip Hop

Congress-David Banner Mike Dyson Master P

Hears a link to the hearing on Hip Hop. It seems as if at the end of the day the buck is being passed on the artists. I know the latter needs to take responsibility and help to make the matter better for the youth but let’s be real….Crack aint goin’ no where, school need books, programs are cut every year from the educational system, and more prisons are built every day. Modern day slavery and a dictatorship is where were headed.

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Chamillionaire / OnSmash Interview Pt. 2

Here’s part 2 of Cham’s OnSmash interview.

The Kush – Havoc

Havoc The Kush

01. NY 4 Life
02. I’m The Boss
03. By My Side Feat. 40 Glocc
04. One Less Nigga
05. Ride Out
06. Balling Out
07. What’s Poppin’ Tonite
08. Class By Myself
09. Set Me Free
10. Be There
11. Hit Me Up
12. Get Off My Dick

Havoc has represented for NYC since first touching the mic. From the second dynasty of New Yorks reign the Queens Bridge native takes the solo route with The Kush. A sneak attack of sorts Hav released his LP the same time as his boss. Not a wise choice in my opinion but he does it for the love. With Prodigy releasing the critically acclaimed Return of The Mac, the pressures on Hav for his first solo joint.

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West Kept Secret: The Prequel Spider Loc

West Kept Secret Prequel

01. Spi
02. Blutiful World Feat. E-note
03. Big Blacc Boots Feat. Ice Cube
04. Get Right Down
05. Sometimes
06. All I Know Feat. E-note
07. Look At Me Feat. E-note
08. Make You Love Me
09. Russ
10. Hustle To You Come Up
11. Hold On
12. Close To The Edge
13. Cry And Cry Feat. L.O.V.E.
14. I Like
15. Blutiful World Re-mix Feat. Papa Smurf & Piper

West Kept Secret is a trial an error of sorts. Spider Loc’s solo debut is has his flexing his music muscles. From collabos, to working with producers this is Spiders vision. The G-Unit Loc was brought in to fill the gap of having eyes and ears in Cali. Known on the streets for putting in work. This gangster turned emcee is showing Curtis he has what it takcreating his own buzz. West Kept Secret The Prequel is just that. A collection of songs Spi has recorded over the last year. With the Unit suffering the “Top of the game” hate he has alot to prove for his team and himself.

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Throwback Thursdays
“Take it Easy” Mad Lion

Before OX there was another roughest toughtest Jamaican named Mad Lion. Gottas love that dude voice sounds like cookie monster on roids.

Bonus Video: “Shoot to Kill”
Only cause my friend is in it busting the Bogle