Daily B.S. 9/26/07

Here’s a clip of Hip Hop Vs. America on BET. The panel featured Nelly, T.I., Stanley Crouch, Michael Eric Dyson, Dr. Cornel West and Diane Weathers. Suprisingly it wasn’t a necktie party for the rappers. Everyone stated there point and it was worth watching. It was very different from Oprah and her cohorts trying to lynch Russell and Kevin Liles. Part 2 comes on tonight I suggest you tune in…I usually wouldn’t recommend that channel but in this case you should. And now the nuwz:

Dude got bagged on St. Johns campus with a rifle…guess he was trying to get his Remy on.

J Hood step pop touches on him. This and other cards are pulled by Sheek at XXL.

The Game pleads not guilty to charges while victim fears for life.

Marc Ecko continues his hate by branding an asterix to Barry Bonds ball.

BIG murder case takes a turn for the worse.

Smartenupnas got the scoop on Saigon’s boxing matching with Prodigy.

Bill O’Reilly continues fuckery commenting on how well run Sylvia’s (a black owned restaurant) compared to white run restaurants.

SkeeTV takes you on a day in the life of Big Snoop Dogg.

Superhead says she won’t respond to the name she copyrighted and made her famous…really?

Puff closes Justin’s, cant say i’ll miss it cause the food was okay.

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