Cheap Louch…LOL

Here’s Jae Hood violating the D-Block chain then performing with 50 at XBar. This rap game’s more lik wrestling everyday. Audios kinda wack but funny none the less. Enjoy this niggerdom. Oyea my dude that rocks out in Yonkers said The LOX haven’t really fucked with each other in month’s. They wanna break up too…..

Jim Went Hollywood – Hell Rell

“Fuck G-Unit, we don’t fuck with G-Unit and anybody that fucks with G-Unit we don’t fuck with”.
Ruger speaks on the situation and Jim Jone’s “Hollywood Status”. Hell Rell throws Capo under the repeatedly. It’s clear Ruger knows what loyalty is and he’s riding with Killa. He called Jim a crackhead uncle in the family still. Read the rest of this entry »

Lean Back Joey Crack!

Here’s footage from 50′s concert in the BX last weekend performing with Remy Ma Shorty taking the stage with Fat Curtis put him under the bus. Contractually though, she can’t record with Fif and on that note I tip my hat.

OJ = G Status!!!


Everybody has heard about “Jesse James” OJ. But here is the audio that victim recorded while OJ was in there making him hold it high. If you listen closely OJ sounds like he was going to put in work. Listen here