Adrenaline Rush 2007 – Twista

Twist 2007

01. Adrenaline Rush the Saga Continues…
02. Charged
03. What T Is?
04. I Ain’t That Nigga
05. Say Say Feat. Jazze Pha
06. Whip Game Proper
07. No Pistols Feat. Speedknot Mobstaz
08. Phone Skit
09. Love Rehab
10. Seven Day Hustle
11. Creep Fast
12. Wrist Stay Rocky
13. What Would Twista Do If He Wasn’t Rappin’?
14. Give It Up Feat. Pharrell
15. Come Up
16. Ain’t No Hoes Feat. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
17. Pimp Like Me
18. Ya with It or Ya Ain’t
19. Trouble

Twista has been on both sides of the fence. The earlier part of his career was filled with criticism and hate. Overshadowed by the East Coasts dominance in the mid 90′s, his debut solo album Adrenaline Rush was over looked. He received notoriety for his feature on Do or Die’s Po Pimp. His ability to flip words at a rapid rate gave Twista the attention to be considered an emcee. After going through a rebirth with Kanye West with the album Kamikaze. Twista is no longer an underground legend but a Rap/Pop star. With all the success he has achieved the monkey on his back of not dropping another classic like his debut has become to big to bare. He is dead set on putting all critics to rest with his new LP Adrenaline 2007.

The intro (Adrenaline Rush The Saga Continues…)revisits the story telling feel of his debut. Retaliation on a rival crew for the shooting of a close friend enrages Twistas crew. The first track Charged sets the tempo with a screwed voiced repeating the title. Twista gets right into it laying lethal verses on this one. The interlude (What T Is?) takes us back to one of twists boys fishing for info on the location of a dude name T. Seems like dude is looking to give him some lead poisoning. I Aint That Nigga sounds like the Twista from 96. Threats topple over each other to a bass filled beat. This takes me back to why played his first LP til the disc scratched up.

Say Say grew on me the third time I played it. Twista did his duty but it took me a while to dig Jazze Pha on it. Whip Game Proper is an ode to Twistas car fetish. It features Weezy whose opening line “Up in it like dope dick” sickens me how he promotes coke use. The track is cool, not one of the standouts at all. No Pistols feature the Speed Knot Mobstaz and it sounds like homecoming. Twista and his team flow together like the old days. Phone Skit has dudes checking in on T. I like how the story continues through like the original.

Love Rehab with R Kelly is a good song but it seems recycled. Robert sounds like he laid these lyrics before. Seven Day Hustle is cheesy but creative. Twista goes through a week as a hustler. Creep Fast is arguably the best song on this album. Over the instrumental Twista runs through lyrics effortlessly. He’s accompanied by T-Pain who holds his own and gives a new energy to the song. Wrist Stay Rocky has the repetitive screwed and chop background vocals. Commercialism thats purposely forced into my mind disgusts me. This would not be on the Adrenaline Rush I know.

The Skit What Would Twista Do is scenarios of Twista as a horse race commentator and an auctioneer. Give It Up is your average Neptunes club banger beat. The Come Up is Twista rapping in a distorted voice for the whole track. Gimmick wise it doesn’t move me at all. Aint No Hoes features Bone Thugs and I must say this is ill. Fighting for dominance the emcees rip up the track. This dude Krayzie Bone murders it the most though. Another screwed and chopped track called Pimp Like Me annoys me because Twista aint from Texas. The skit Ya With It Or Ya Aint has dude flipping through channels to find this silly game show. The closing song Trouble isn’t crazy and clearly not one of the standouts.

My biggest question is where did the story go from the beginning. The original AR has a story from beginning to end. 2007 started off with a story then it just faded away midwa through the album. Adrenaline Rush, I don’t think so. There are some cool songs on AR2007 but merely a handful. Twista made a classic in 96 and he’ll never top it. There’s nothing wrong with that because that album will remain a classic. This…..not so much.

4 Responses to “Adrenaline Rush 2007 – Twista”

  1. S. Mathis Says:
    September 20th, 2007 at 8:36 am

    I guess that nobody is checking for Twista.

  2. Kristy Says:
    October 9th, 2007 at 7:40 am

    I gotta say, i agree! this whole album brings me back to the day. ‘I Aint That Nigga’ has got to be the tightest track i’ve ever heard! I had to laugh at the review talkin bout how it reminded of why he played the first lp till it scratched, so true! This new album is for all those die hard Twista fans from day 1!

  3. James Says:
    November 15th, 2007 at 3:28 pm

    SHIZ! I thought that thiz album waz off the chain I dont know y people be trippin sometmez, it seemz like they think they could do it betta than the twist. Id strait laugh! The beatz are tight az hell, n the lyricz are platinum! Sure u got some repeated lines in the lyrics, but some people need to face it… there is a new generation breeding n thatz how they do it. No matter t they say it sells, they bought it n they listen to it, they jus haterz. Wrist stay rocky iz hella tight, itz one of those songz that belong in the club! N anyone who goes to real clubz will agree wit me. aint that nigga iz strait sick-the moog in the song goes divinely! pimp like me, who cares if hez not from texas, the point iz to expand the listening audience n the south needs somethin to relate to. Itz beat is a lil wierd, but i feel it, n anyone who gotz game will to,lol. aint no hoz, i ally dont gotta say anythang for thiz one, itz the platinum-smash hit of the album, cant get no better! whip game proper, the beat iz kill quality! If u dont like itz beat then u shouldnt be listenin to rap cause u a poser then. Whip game proper, even though it iz about coke n drugz, n i dont codone the use of drugz in anyway, itz still a real shiz song! N charged… wow! That song gets me charged jus listenin to it, one of those get buck n rowdy songs. Over all, i dont see why people complain about this album, er than that they r so closed minded n expect n want twista to do HIS songs how they want cause they are selfish. everyone has their own style, n livin in america these days u gotta be flexible n acceptable of peopls styles n creedz otherwise, ur really goin to have a problem. Jus walk round in the hood with a closed mind attitude n hate on those people, lets see how brave u are. twista twisted all kinds of styles in this album n he did it platinum! Keep doin your thang twista!

  4. Buck Says:
    February 7th, 2008 at 4:00 pm

    Can ya’ll tell me the name of the song in the background on Adrenaline Rush the Saga Continues……the first cut with the skit. Its about the 55 second mark. I been looking for the name of this cut and cant find it. Email me at

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