G-Unit on Rap City

50 speaks on which artists he would remove from the rap game. He basically rants about alot of stuff and finally the goonies get to speak. Young Buck randomly threatens Lil’ Wayne.

Courtesy of OnSmash

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Adrenaline Rush 2007 – Twista

Twist 2007

01. Adrenaline Rush the Saga Continues…
02. Charged
03. What T Is?
04. I Ain’t That Nigga
05. Say Say Feat. Jazze Pha
06. Whip Game Proper
07. No Pistols Feat. Speedknot Mobstaz
08. Phone Skit
09. Love Rehab
10. Seven Day Hustle
11. Creep Fast
12. Wrist Stay Rocky
13. What Would Twista Do If He Wasn’t Rappin’?
14. Give It Up Feat. Pharrell
15. Come Up
16. Ain’t No Hoes Feat. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
17. Pimp Like Me
18. Ya with It or Ya Ain’t
19. Trouble

Twista has been on both sides of the fence. The earlier part of his career was filled with criticism and hate. Overshadowed by the East Coasts dominance in the mid 90′s, his debut solo album Adrenaline Rush was over looked. He received notoriety for his feature on Do or Die’s Po Pimp. His ability to flip words at a rapid rate gave Twista the attention to be considered an emcee. After going through a rebirth with Kanye West with the album Kamikaze. Twista is no longer an underground legend but a Rap/Pop star. With all the success he has achieved the monkey on his back of not dropping another classic like his debut has become to big to bare. He is dead set on putting all critics to rest with his new LP Adrenaline 2007.

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Pac Interview

Here’s an interview of Pac on the set of Gang Related. He talks about law, acting, and a phililopsical view of using your gifts from GOD

California Love Part 2 – 2Pac Feat. Dr. Dre

I know I look like a Pac hater by not posting anything yesterday. Your boy didn’t wanna put up a half ass post. Today I will make up for it. Here’s my favorite, the remix of California Love. If anyone has this version in mp3 I’m willing to barter.

R.I.P. Pac

Creep Fast – Twista Feat. T-Pain


Adrenaline Rush 2007 In Stores September 18th

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Daily B.S. 9/14/07

Here’s a clip of Last Night’s show at The Hammerstein Ballroom. “Bring My Man Out” Curtis shouts…& Jim Judas comes out. I believe in unity in Hip Hop but this aint unity this is done out of spite. Judas needs to change his Tampon. I believe 50 spoke to him when Cam & him Popped off on HOT 97.

Hell Rell speaks out on Jim Judas’ new moves: “I would never sleep with the enemy”.

50 & Kim sued for 2 million over Magic Stick beat by producer.

Diddy asked to give up his jewels, more at xxl.

O.J. accused of robbing a man for some of his old sports memorabilia.

Here’s a few photos inside Kanye’s L.A. crizzib.