Samson gets me lifted

So I just picked up some bomb for a friend of mine and it reminded me of this clip from half bake. A tear comes to my eye cause I aint smoketh none!

Instant Fame!

Here’s comedian Eric Schwartz aka Smooth-E ( pays homage to the web’s most imfamous characters in this spoof of Tay Zonday’s ‘net hit, “Chocolate Rain.”

And if you don’t know now you know nucca!


“What you gonna do when poppa catch an attitude, Drop to your knees and show gratitude, Kiss my rings its a frank white thing I stay potent, Bitch is devoted, take my dick and deep throat it” – Notorious

You’ll See – Frank White & The Lox

And a few more goodies inside for ya!

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50 Cent On HOT 97


Here’s 50′s on Hot97 yesterday morning on Miss Jones show. He speaks on Ja Rule, NaS, Jay-Z, Kanyes and a whole bunch of other people. He even speaks on dropping an album against all Def Jam’s big releases. Dude sounds very sore at the moment.

50 Cent on HOT 97 morning show Part 1

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Throwback Thursdays – “Po Pimp”
Do or Die Feat. Twista

This was my joint back in 1996. Chicago hometown players Do or Die droped jewels of the game….the game of Pimping that is. This video ran everyday on Rap City when I came from school. This also introduced me to Twista. His first album Adrenaline Rush is a classic. Neway Enjoy