Leak of The Week:
The Empire, Gucci Mane & The Cartel Bird Flu

Gucci Mixtape

Here’s the new mixtape from The Empire and Gucci Gucci. It features his hit single Freaky Girl with Ludacris and the infamous “What Kinda King” Diss against T.I. All of you fans that like gangsta sh*t should download this one. Dude actually has a body on paper.

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Homemade Comedy

This dude is ranting about nothing it is mad funny! Watch the other ones too… Read the rest of this entry »

Fif sh*ts on Beyonce last night

Here’s 50 playing Beyonce when she leans in for a kiss after accepting her award. I know dude mad cause he can’t tap that but damn…I’d take the kiss. Thats is unless CiCi told him he can’t play with Bey.

Daily B.S. 9/10/07

So the VMA’s was a mess as usual this year but at least Hip Hop wasn’t to blame. Here’s a clip of Tommy Lee and Kid Rock going at it over Pamela during my Fiances performance. And now more VMA/Nuwz:

Suge Knight WON’T be bullying Dr. Dre no more. Dude went and got some real jail muscles dwarfing 50 & Timbaland!!!

Here’s clip from MTV where Mary J. Blige announces him

Kanye feels he was robbed and goes on his regular tantrums. Claims he’ll never return to VMA’s.

So 50 was flirting around with Paris. Doesn’t dude know shorty got the Herp?!?!

Britney Spears looks like shes still in trailer park mode. Cant leave the game so long and expect to be on point…I’d still beat tho.

“Fiddy” saves fans from killing him and themselves at Pre-VMA concerts saturday night.

For you beat makers out there here’s Ryan Leslie making a track. Beat is fire minus the unwanted performance at the end.

50 Cent: Make It Rain 101

Talk About They Make It Rain No 50 Makes It Rain Baby!