Noreality – Noreaga


01. Set It Off Feat. Swizz Beatz
02. That Club Shit
03. Throw ‘Em Under the Bus Feat. Kurupt
04. Cocaine Cowboys
05. Green Light
06. Pop a Pill
07. Sour Diesel Feat. Styles P
08. Paternity Test
09. I’ma Get You
10. Eat Pussy Feat. Tru Life & Peedi Çrakk
11. The Rap Game
12. Drink Champ
13. Shoes

Since 98′ Nore aka Jose Luis Gotcha made street bangers for us to vibe to. Serving as one half of CNN, he as solidified himself as being a part of one of Hip Hop’s elite groups. The much hyped separation from Tommy Boy and new alliance with Def Jam gave hope to the crossover potential and platinum status. The merger turned out lack luster releases. Its wasn’t the same N.O.R.E. It got even more weird when Nore became a Reggaeton artist. Were not going to speak on that painful stint. 07′ has us seeing an old friend, seems like N.O. is back. After releasing the Normanical mixtape featuring his old cohorts Nature, Maze N Mussolini it seems as if the old style we’ve grown to love is back.

Noreality is the new LP from the Lefrak City native. With a new label and a rebirth of sorts Noreaga tries to bring New York that Thugged Out Sh*t. The album gets down to business with the Swizz Beatz produced Set It Off. It features some new Southern Rapper. The song is bland from beginning to end. You get your repetitive Swizz vocal samples and throwaway kicks and snares. On Club Sh*t he takes it up a notch but not enough to earn the title. The song is cool but I doubt this one’s banging anywhere but Nore’s studio. Throw Em Under The Bus is whatever, nothing to really mention. One of the best songs on Noreality is a narrative of sorts.

On Cocaine Cowboys, Nore gives you a 4 minute version of the documentary. Green Light reminds me of the old CNN days. This one needs to be banged in a truck going down Collins. Pop A Pill has a funny intro to it. A beat thats clearly for Justin Timberlake finds its way onto this disc. Its a cool song to just bump and bug out too but please don’t take this one seriously. Sour Diesel is the hottest weed anthem in years. It features Mr. “I Get High” himself, Styles P. Dame Grease lays a beat that makes me wish I still burned my lips with Backwoods. SP takes over and lays a 16 that makes you forget Nore’s verse.

Paternity Test clearly shows that there’s no Artist & Repertoire in play while making this track. K West lends his mpc skills to I’m A Get You. Beats cool but not the Kanye I’d tell you to check for. The Latino’s go in on Eat Pu**y. Nore, Tru Life & Peedi Crakk get so detailed about there deep sea diving. The Rap Game is alright but the hook weakens the song. Drink Champ is another N.O. rhyming bout whatever. For 3 verses Nore brags about how he’s the best at poisoning his liver. He even makes a song about womens Shoes…wtf.

In closing this shit is a f*cking disappointment. This new Nore needs to get a weegie board and invoke his old spirit for the CNN album. I’d say this ones a frisbee but I’d be lying. I ain’t pay for this sh*t.

5 Responses to “Noreality – Noreaga”

  1. S.Mathis Says:
    September 7th, 2007 at 5:40 pm

    I guess Kanye & Fifty get all the rap money this quarter.

  2. Ak-Nolij Says:
    September 9th, 2007 at 11:01 pm

    Sad. Really sad. And here I was telling myself that Capone-N-N.O.R.E. are two of the best examples of what the Gangsta Rap sub-genre should be. Guess I focused too much on what they made back then.

    But from another point of view, Capone was able to hold up his end of the deal and actually make something worth listening to, without having to sellout in the mainstream like 50 and them. I.M.O., N.O.R.E. struck out and now Hip Hop, especially Gangsta Rap, is officially doomed. :(

    P.S. – But there’s still Wu-Tang and Onyx though. Luckily and hopefully.

  3. Beggar Says:
    September 11th, 2007 at 6:48 am

    Yo the presentation of this album is not very exciting… Look at the album cover! I have not listened to it and i bump CNN i remember when it dropped (Reunion) only real fans bumped it… It was hot!

    Yo its more to it then just putting out tracks people got to start taking more control of their projects. Thats why all the buzz is going to 50 and Ye. Check and see how much time and money they put into their projects.

  4. amanda Says:
    August 13th, 2008 at 2:11 am

    i like the chit… and if u like the old shit u should pop in ur 8 track. -smirk- seriously thou the corporation who get these rappers started knows what sells. that happens to be street muzik now days… sry world is changin fo better and/or worse. roll of the dice sucka

  5. amanda Says:
    August 13th, 2008 at 2:13 am

    50 is a snitch his music all snds the same

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