Daily B.S. 9/7/07

Another way for young soulah boy to extend his 15 minutes of fame. Here’s a mash up of Superman cut to clips from Barney and friends. This actually made me like the song some. The little Filipino boy takes the cake! And now my people the nuwz.

So Foxy is following Kims footsteps and is about to do a year. Dumb ass marketing strategy Fox, it didn’t do sh*t for Kim either.

Clip of Souljah Boy and 50 Cent for you ignorant cats to enjoy.

Hov to open a new 40/40 in Vegas.

Ludacris speaks on shitting on T.I. on “I Get Money” Remix

Noreality – Noreaga


01. Set It Off Feat. Swizz Beatz
02. That Club Shit
03. Throw ‘Em Under the Bus Feat. Kurupt
04. Cocaine Cowboys
05. Green Light
06. Pop a Pill
07. Sour Diesel Feat. Styles P
08. Paternity Test
09. I’ma Get You
10. Eat Pussy Feat. Tru Life & Peedi Çrakk
11. The Rap Game
12. Drink Champ
13. Shoes

Since 98′ Nore aka Jose Luis Gotcha made street bangers for us to vibe to. Serving as one half of CNN, he as solidified himself as being a part of one of Hip Hop’s elite groups. The much hyped separation from Tommy Boy and new alliance with Def Jam gave hope to the crossover potential and platinum status. The merger turned out lack luster releases. Its wasn’t the same N.O.R.E. It got even more weird when Nore became a Reggaeton artist. Were not going to speak on that painful stint. 07′ has us seeing an old friend, seems like N.O. is back. After releasing the Normanical mixtape featuring his old cohorts Nature, Maze N Mussolini it seems as if the old style we’ve grown to love is back. Read the rest of this entry »

Killer Mike: Make It Rain 101

Here’s Grind Time Gang representer Killer Mike educates the youth on how to make it rain. And ask the question: Is making it rain homo?

Diddy Buys E in Ibiza

Now I’m not one to judge any man (well except R. Kelly). But what’s up with dudes preaching the clean life but really living dirty. Here’s a video of Diddy coppin’ some E in a House Music club. Sh*t is rather funny watching him trying to be inconspicuous in a place that looks like a wonder bread box.