Daily B.S. 8/22/07

Chris Brown Vibe

Not really PMD material (cover I mean) but the October issue has some good articles from The Rise & Fall of The Debarge Family to the fall of Females Emcees. And now folks the nuwz:

This just in, Foxy Brown headed to the hoos’gow. Like she thought she was Lindsay Lohan or sumn.

Kanye disappoints by saying Culture Stealer’s his biggest inspiration. Yea man, the man once again finds a way to win.

The one Beyonce concert I wish I was at. Shorty dress flew up and showed her maching gun jubblies.

Fiesta Molesta might take a plea deal to avoid one top booty pop. Or course this could just be a rumor. I need a high res copy of that video. Somebody hook it up, can’t let the creep go free.

Big Tigger being put on blast by Super Head once gain for alleged Battist encounters.

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  1. Tracy Says:
    August 23rd, 2007 at 11:56 am

    Are those tattoos I see on homeboy?! Wow!

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