One Man Band Man – Swizz Beatz

One Man Band Man

01. Product Man
02. It’s Me B*tches
03. Big Munny Feat. Cassidy
04. Bust Ya Gunz Feat. Drag-On
05. You Know Your Boy Did That
06. The Funeral
07. Take A Picture
08. Top Down
09. Money In The Bank
10. Part Of The Plan
11. Snoop (Skit)
12. It’s Me B*tches (Remix) Feat. Lil Wayne, R Kelly & Jadakiss
13. It’s Me B*tches (Spanish Remix) **Bonus Track**

Swizz Beatz is the Monster in more ways than one. He came into the game producing hits for DMX, Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg to name a few. His hits havve sold over a hundred million albums across the globe. He also serves as the music ambassador for the UN. He’s ballin on the level of rockstar, he proved that when he copped Madonnas spot. He has received the underground hate from producers who say he’s overrated. All in all the monster keeps going.

Enough about the catch up, lets get down to the music. When I heard Swizz was droppin’ a solo album my mouth caught the twist worse than Bobby brown. “What’s he doin rappin?” I thought. Here’s another producer crossing into territory he has no business in. So my hate continued up until I heard The One Man Band Man LP. I went in listening for fun music. You can’t go into this album looking for gems that the Big Homie will leave behind. Give this album the same curve you would for any overrated southern artist and what you’ll get is good party music.

The intro (Product Man) is cool but it doesn’t really go anywhere. The first single It’s Me Bitches sets the pace for the album. Big Munny keeps the tempo up. A song charged of flossin’ and excessive living. If you got it to blow then this songs for you. I’m really feeling Bust Ya Gunz fo’ real. Borrowing the hook from the Drag & Juve track Swizz pumps your speakers with a ghetto orchestra. Drag reintroduces himself and bodies the beat. Swizz serves as Diddy and keeps it fun. You Know Your Boy Did That kinda winds it down a bit. More excessive floss but its ok I guess. The Funeral picks it back up a bit. A bar I ain’t been to a funeral since Jackson’s kinda comes off subliminal but they made piece right?. I like this track way more than any Plies record.

Take a picture uses the Lovely Day sample to give a happy feeling to this one. Not a fan of this one Swizzy. I’ll say the same about Top Down. Money In The Bank is whats up, cause frankly thats what it is. No need to explain that at all. Everyone wants to collaborate with Chris Martin (Part Of The Plan) from Coldplay huh. Guess he’s the cool white guy of the moment. Lil’ Gay lends his vocals to the remix to It’s Me…. Fuckin up my native Jamaican accent he spits over the track. I can’t front, this is in the guilty pleasure category. There’s also a spanish remix to this one. Since I have such a strong disdain for reggaeton I refuse to give this one anythought.

In closing I can’t front the effort Swizz put forth was decent minus a few failed attempts. Trimmed down this would make a great EP. If it was a few years ago I would actually walk into a music store and cop this. But I’d settle for the bootleg in 07′.

2 Responses to “One Man Band Man – Swizz Beatz”

  1. Black Benny Hill Says:
    August 10th, 2007 at 1:32 pm

    This album is descent but not good enough to get my money. Sorry Monster!

  2. S. Mathis Says:
    August 10th, 2007 at 4:18 pm

    I must admit that the track ‘Money in the Bank’ is a guilty pleasure of mines. Nonetheless, the rational part of my brain wouldn’t dare allow me to buy this album. I don’t know how overrated Swizz could be as a producer since I have never thought of him as an all time great behind the boards. He has done some good stuff, but top 3 producer in the game? Umm, no, not over Just Blaze, Kanye, or Timberland (who is versatile but highly overrated). I always want brothers to succeed (except Fifty), but I can’t give Swizz my blessing on this one. Sucessful nonsense like this just encourages other average emcees to think they can get over (now, if only we can get Jeezy to flop on his next one). I need somebody to expand their awareness beyond money, hoes and clothes. They call emcees who do that ‘conscious’. Conscious means awake. Awake to what is going in the world outside of the pimps, hoes, clothes, and foes you have that reside along Nostrand, Fulton, Utica, Jamaica, the Concourse, 125th and/or Linden. Here are the new rules for hip hop albums of the future: 1- no more odes to marijuana use, 2- no more tired rehashed drug dealing stories, 3- no more gun talk using the same ole metaphors, and finally # 4- no more stupid skits about you and somebody elses baby mama. Swizz gets two ‘dumbs’ down.

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