M.I.A. Album Kala

01. Bamboo Banger
02. Bird Flu
03. Boyz
04. Jimmy
05. Hussel Feat. Afrikan Boy)
06. Mango Pickle Down River (with The Wilcannia Mob)
07. $20
08. Down River
09. The Turn
10. XR2
11. Paper Planes
12. Come Around Feat. Timbaland

When M.I.A.’s music first hit the states it was different and fun. Reggae mixed with pop, techno, drum and bass gave her a sound new to us and full of excitement. With her second LP titled KALA, once more M.I.A. tries to make us dance to the beat or her own drum. With any artists comes some form of growth whether good or bad. Influence come with traveling meeting fellow artists throughout the industry and so on. This “growth” isn’t always good at times. KALA sounds like an artist trying too hard to be different from what helped launch her career. Through the album the bass is clear and so are the drums. What’s missing is the playful wordplay I’ve come to know, and the musical influence on the last effort.

Bamboo Banger
Song seems pretty pointless from beginning to end. You think that there’s some sort of build up but the song remains the same throughout.

Bird Flu
Straight noisy…lose my mind music.

Sounds like a sample from Bucky Done Gun in it but it doesn’t grab me.

Love this beat but that’s as far as it goes. Background music if I’m just faking like I’m into it for some “eclectic” girl.

Fun soing for what it is. Dude that features add’s a cool feel to it but not enough for me to play again.

Mango Pickle Down River
Beat is crazy but once again I’m wishing someone else had this track to make something better. The little kids rhyming in the beginning are amusing.

Pure noice…again.

Down River
The build up sounds like classic M.I.A. but one of the better classics.

The Turn
Okay…she’s really not holding my attention.

Where was I in 92?….not listening to this shite.

Paper Planes
I like the feel for this one I can’t front. Sounds like a little Nelly Furtado but I give it the ghetto pass.

Come Around
The only song on the album thats hot. Timbalands rap get old but overall it’s a cool song that I can vibe to.

Like I said earlier in this piece. Between albums an artist will grow. Sometimes they become an elevated musician who’s music can provoke thought and create beautiful songs for the people. Other learn how to manipulate and churn out massive singles and horrible albums overall. Then there are albums where you wonder what happened. Where did she make the wrong turn…

3 Responses to “KALA – M.I.A.”

  1. murukku Says:
    August 6th, 2007 at 7:34 am

    basically you like her more commercial sounding songs. i.e. the ones produced my timbaland. lmaooooo did you even truly like arular?

  2. Goat Says:
    August 6th, 2007 at 7:46 am

    Thanks for your comment. Obviously you like KALA and thats cool. You’re definitely entitled to your opinion. I really did bump Arula all last year. Even though my homies thought I was weird for it. As I worked i’d bump URAQT, Hombre, and Galang all the time. This album was a different sound to me, not what I was use to. It’s not about Timbaland it’s about change. I didn’t think the change was for the better. And now for the hate, ur LMAOOOO…really. I can’t really believe that ur really doing that at work. And are you mad cause you look like her. Thats no reason to be mad…I think ur cute too if that’s you on that link…I’d holla ;) This is clearly an opinion and not a fact…well maybe a fact on PMD. How bout you do a review and make your own fact…then holla back!

  3. Me Says:
    August 9th, 2007 at 9:47 pm

    I see what you mean about KALA. but i think shes just going through the motions. shes is an artist that is unique and marketable b/c she is pretty. she is recieving more attention and reponding to what increased noterity does. i think shes turnng away from what her music was supposed to be about: songs that say something but sound fun. personally i love KALA and ARULAR equally. i love the mellower songs on ARULAR. and the mind shattering beats on KALA. and her videos are awesome. i love her style as an artist so im excited for anything she produces.

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