50 Cent Fights Back

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Like Looking Into A Mirror

Sean Kingston

Sources are saying that Sean Kingston is set to play Biggie in the new movie. Yes, i said Mr. Suidicial, himself. Read more here

Throwback Thursdays:
“I Can’t Get Wit That” Jay-Z

This was Jay on the come up as a solo artist. The flow was different but still better than most. The black Nissan Pathfinder was the joint back in 94′. Takes me back to my High School days watching Streets Is Watching after school.

Don’t Be Mad UPS is Hiring

Shout out to all my UPS drivers out there speaking that guapanese. My peeps over at RecognizeReal sent me there new videos. The first is an ode the B.I.G.’s famous line from Craig Macks Flava In Ya Ear. Skits genius…but at the end of the day a UPS driver, shit box handler makes more than the average emcee…

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The Kid 50 Cent Speaks Pt.3

Here’s the final installment of the OnSmash interview with Curtis.

Duffle Bag Boy: Playaz Circle Feat. Lil’ Wayne

I thought this was Weezy’s song…

Billion Dollar Remix

Billion Dollar Remix

Sources are saying that 50 Cent, Jay-Z, & Diddy are making a mega remix to “I Get Money” and calling it the Billion Dollar Remix. Before I heard that T.I. and Jim Jones recorded a verse too but I don’t know what happened to that. We will definitely keep ya’ll posted.

Daily B.S. 8/27/07

Thanks Tiff!

Nick Hogan was severely injured, another stress on Mr. Hulk Hogan. Read more here

Owen Wilson (the one with the broken nose) attempted suicide but he didn’t succeed. Story!

Sha Money XL speaks about G-Unit

John Singleton kills pedestrian in accident, but this ain’t no movie scene. Read here

Fake money doesn’t fool Tenn. strippers, that boy was trying to get over. Sucka!

Consequence – Uncle Raheim

Another one of those OnSmash world premieres. This is one of my favorite joints off Don’t Quit You Day Job. A tale of a bum ass uncle, you know the type. Gotta love the cameo from DMC. Another hot video from up and coming director Rik Cordero.

Why Wouldn’t I: Sigel Speaks

Sigel speaks to Flava Link DVD about his current status. He lightly touches on several topics but if you stay current you’ve heard it all. This posts for new PMD visitors.

Courtesy of the dealers over at OnSmash