Master P – Sean Price

Sean Master P

01. 6 Dollar Man
02. M.A.S.T.E.R. P Feat. Aggallah
03. BCCC (Frankenstein)
04. The Huckabuck
05. All I know Feat. Jozeemo
06. One Question Feat. Ruste Juxx
07. Long Fifth Goodnight
08. Jackass II Feat. Flood
09. Get It Together Feat. Diamond D
10. Connect 4 Feat. Casual
11. Knock Em Out the Box
12. Legbreakers Feat. Big Shug
13. Jamaican
14. Fish
15. Good Fellaz Feat. Sayez
16. Rotten Apple Remix Feat. Prodigy
17. What’s the deal Feat. A-Rob
18. Psycho Ward

Sean Price comes to the rescue just in time for the mid summer music blues. Master P isn’t an album but a compilation of tracks recorded before, during, and after his debut solo effort. Since the summer has only released lack luster efforts the Duck Down emcee might bring something worthy.

6 Dollar Man
Not a track but an intro spoofing “The Six Million Dollar Man”. Album starts of with a few Bars from P. Lines like “How you want it par 2 in your hat or the Barry Bond balco aluminum bat” make it memorable though short.

M.A.S.T.E.R. P
Feat. Agallah
Production on this on is crazy and clearly sets the pace for the mixtape. Agallah says nothing on here worth mentioning. Sean delivers but the beat is what really carries this one.

Sounds like cutting room floor music. Price brings what any fans would expect but Buckshot and Tek don’t deliver.

The Huckabuck
I’m feeling this one right here. Sean beats down the beat without thinking twice. The crazy preacher sporting the Michael Bolton accompanys the track. Great song, but only two verses.

All I Know Feat. Jozeemo
Whoever Jozeemo is one thing I can say he’s lyrical. This song sounds more like Seans the featured guest. None the less he fights for dominance on this one.

One Question Feat. Rustee Juxx & Cousin Reeks
DJ Babu lays the production to a song thats 3 the hard way. All three emcees lay good verses.

Long Fifth Goodnight Feat. Starang Wondah
B.I.G. wouldve love to hear this one. Price gets open on this beat and goes in. Its crazy that this beat is 10 years old and still sounds new. R.I.P. Frank White

Jackass Number 2
Feat. Flood
I love this beat but I’m not feeling this one. I’ll stick to the original.

Get It Together
Feat. Diamond D
Dude sounds like he’s making fun of Fab’s flow. I listen to it for only that reason. Clearly a filler.

Connect 4 Feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq, U.G., & Casual
I can’t do it….I just can’t

Knock Em Out The Box
Feat.Eratik Statik
Feeling the lyrics but the beat gets annoying fast. Another filler once again.

Feat. Big Shug
Dude spitting remind me of the rapper NINE. Stories cool but tye track overall is eh.

Just cause the track got an old reggae sample means its gotta be called “Jamaican”. Price lays it down though and he represents. Brooklyn Keeps On Taking It!


This one is cool but too short. Beats and rhymes go hand in hand on this one.

Good Fellaz
Feat. Sayez & Government Gang
This what I’m looking for right here. The sound of the violins and Seans Brash Bravado over bass makes this one gadangsta. The criminal rhymes of Sayz & The Government Gang makes me wanna snatch the ladies purse next to me as I write this. Kids shouldnt listen to this at all.

Rotten Apple Remix Feat. Prodigy
Prodigys album was fire and so is this remix. P & P both lay it down over the alchemist beat. Classic combo right here. I Love New York!

What’s The Deal
Feat. A-Rob & Nezquic
Not really into this one here. Track shouldnt be on this mixtape.

Psycho Ward

Not the way to close this compilation but the track is cool.

Overall I feel Sean let alot of dudes rock on this mixtape that wouldnt make the album. This led to many holes throughout the mixtape. There are a few gems on here but not enough for me to cop the real thing. I am looking forward to the Boot Camp Clik album.

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  1. P - Body Says:
    June 13th, 2008 at 2:22 am

    Killer – “Listen” I jus need the album lyrics for the bits I can’t make out … Hook a RSA Ninja Up – 1

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