Gangsta For Life – Mavado


01. Parental Advisory
02. Angriest Introduction
03. Real McCoy With A Full Clip Feat. Busy Signal
04. Weh Dem A Do
05. Father’s Prayer
06. They Fear Me
07. Definition Of A Gangster
08. Dreaming
09. Don’t Cry
10. Cassava Piece Radio
11. Dying Feat. Serani
12. David’s Interlude
13. Top Shotta Nah Miss
14. Joey D. Patt
15. Last Night
16. Snitch’s Eulogy
17. Amazing Grace
18. Touch The Road
19. Me And My Dogs
20. APB
21. Gully Side
22. Squeeze Breast
23. Heartbeat Feat. Alaine
24. Sadness
25. Born & Raised

This album reminds me of why in the late 80’s early 90’s American people feared any Jamaican person with an accent. (To some anyone with an accent is Jamaican) Now if you happen to be off the radar with your reggae artists or even music, Introducing: Mavado. For you straight hip hoppers his music is on the lines of 50 Cent but with an accent and a lot of Bloodclot! This album is a tour in the mind of a gangster how he thinks, his perspective on life family, money, and beef…. (What’s a gangster without some gun talk)?

Now in today’s market of music we look for overall good music regardless of who the artist is. Now if you are not familiar with the reggae dancehall culture lets take a trip… Imagine you have an album and 10 of your tracks play in the club (If you want proof take a trip to Flatbush any given weekend and Mavada music would be playing while dudes straddle ladies like horses). If this were a Rap album it would be flying off the shelves. Yes, We all know the markets are different but lets be real. 10 songs in the club and your album just drop is damn good, so give it a try folks and let’s get to the break down.

Real McCoy With A Full Clip Feat. Busy Signal
This is the break out single that put him on the map. On this track he gets help from Busy Signal and they are telling people that their gun game if official… (Test them if you don’t believe) The riddim is hot! Excuse me for not naming them (the riddims), but you wont find that here today.

Weh Dem A Do
One of the hottest reggae songs out right now Mavado chants over a very up-tempo riddim and tells people don’t mess around with him cause he would rinse him gun in yah bloodclot!

They Fear Me
Mavado uses a singing flow on this track. The riddim is good but I can see people getting tired of the track because of the slow pace. If one chooses to listen he is just explains that his music is what he know and one shouldn’t judge him for his music.

Mavado explains that his focus with money is so determined that he was go as far as kill a man. Hot track some might think he is a little harsh, but if one dreams and money is tampered with they might do the same.

Don’t Cry
This song is #1 on the reggae charts at the moment. He knows his music is gangster but he don’t care what people think about it. Gangster for life. Regardless of his lyrics he knows he have mouths to feed

Dying Feat. Serani
Dying is a song that was changed for the album. Hot song but after listening to the 1st release he had a verse from 2Pac. Not cool! On the album he found his own lyrics to use. (maybe the lawyers came down on him) Only in reggae one can get away with such a thing. Hot song still (Pac is smiling down on him)

Top Shotta Nah Miss
Once again with a album called “Gangster for life” we should expect a lot of gun talk. The riddim keeps your heading nodding as it builds up and down with a lot of layers. The militant sounding beat is very good for those of you who love to cut a bloodclot rug in the dancehall!

Last Night
This tune makes me want to do some old school dances (maybe because of the riddim I feel like busting the pepper seed) In this song he speaks of the gun he bust last night. More gangster talk for your rass!

Amazing Grace
The riddim is well put together and I feel he rides it well. He speaks about his gone work on this track as well. (Hey if Jeezy and the Clipse and speak of that white stuff… Why can’t he speak of guns)

Touch The Road
The up-tempo militant style riddim keeps the listener engulfed in the track.

Me And My Dogs
Slow pace song but very strong lyrics. He also touches on his his relation with is Dogs. “Me and My Dogs ever strong/ the stand beside me them nah have me back/ no man can have my back/ any man have my back fo get copper shot”

Gully Side
This is his hood track. When this song drops in the club nuff forwards! Everyone who can relate puts up the gun finger. (If you don’t understand ask a West Indian friend or better yet a Jamaican.

Squeeze Breast
You should know what this is, since he has been talking gangster on every track what makes you think he will soften up on this one?

Heartbeat Feat. Alaine
Very nice song, Alaine adds some good vocals to the track. He must be so in love cause he is practically singing… Gangsters need love too!

Sadness is a song dedicated to his father. In this song you get to understand some of his up bring and you get to her a different kind of track from him.

Born & Raised
A real mellow song that is about the ruff up bringing and he also drops a few positive lines on this track. The help of a choir brings a good feel to the track. Mavado shows a different side of his self on this one.

The only complaint I have with this album is the long skits. Some could have been dropped and others work with the album but would have been better shorter. For a 1st album I think this is a very good album. I look forward to the growth of this artist. Now go out and buy it Bombaclot!

2 Responses to “Gangsta For Life – Mavado”

  1. Beggar Says:
    July 26th, 2007 at 4:47 am

    Hot album… Nuff forward!

  2. S. Mathis Says:
    August 6th, 2007 at 3:28 pm

    Visited Jamaica for the first time (cruise) last year, and promised that I would never be back. 5 minutes on the island, and I was offered drugs and prostitutes by a cab driver. On the side of the road were peddlers selling carvings of men with elongated penises. Meanwhile, people on my tour bus were covering their children’s eyes from the obscene carvings and t-shirts being sold. This was the tourist side of the island! Add the ‘Gangsta for Life’ (“…if you dont understand just ask a Jamaican…”) review and I have to wonder: what exactly is there to be proud of about this island or being jamaican? The spiraling murder rate or ever present ignorant gangster portrayals?

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